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83.50 € B-Band AG-MIC Mic for Acousticguitar, Frequency response 100Hz - 10 kHz, Weight (with clamp): 20g, Cable length: 60cm, Attention AG-Mic to work only with B-Band A2 Preamp (not included)

DiMarzio Acoustic DP130

70.18 € DiMarzio Acoustic DP130 - piezo electro pickup for acoustic guitars, suitable for all steel, bronze and nylon string instruments.

Finhol Edge Mic String

131.00 € Finhol Edge Mic String, condenser microphone for acoustic guitar, steel string or nylon string, also for acoustic basses or other acoustic instruments that have a soundhole where the microphone can... Loe edasi

Fishman Banjo-Humbucker Rare Earth

222.00 € Fishman Rare Earth Series Banjo Humbucker - fits dual coordinator rod instruments (may be modified to fit single rod banjos), magnetic humbucker for under skin fixing, jack socket, battery box for ... Loe edasi

Fishman Pickup For Resonator Guitars

212.00 € Fishman Pickup For Resonator Guitars - small passive piezo pickup, includes switch jack. Dimensions: 10 x 4mm

Fishman PRO-AG0-UKE Ukulele Pickup

158.00 € Fishman PRO-AG0-UKE Ukulele Pickup, suitable for 2,3mm saddle width and 42,4mm G to A string spacing

Fishman Resophonic Spider

307.00 € Fishman Resophonic Spider PRO-RES-SPI; Tw-part Spider-style Resophonic Pickup, Nashville Series. with new Piezo-Ceramic Technology, The split piezo transmits the natural sound of the Resonator. Set... Loe edasi

IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage

131.00 € IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage; acoustic guitar mobile microphone with Stage DSP/interface; clip microphone for direct mounting on the sound hole; DSP/Interface with feedback cancelation, 6 tone... Loe edasi

K&K Pure Mini Gold Strap Button

142.00 € K&K Pure Mini with Gold Strap Button (Pure Western Mini), passive 3-head transducer for steel-string acoustic guitars, to be mounted inside the instrument, with gold-coloured strap button / out... Loe edasi

K&K Trinity Maccaferri System

382.00 € K&K Trinity Maccaferri System, the Trinity System is a dual source pickup/microphone system with an external dual-channel preamp for Maccaferri/Selmer guitars. It consists of: the Pure Maccafer... Loe edasi

L.R.Baggs Anthem Classical

275.00 € L.R.Baggs Anthem Classical pickup, "Tru-Mic" System, incl. element pickup and endpin-preamp

L.R.Baggs Anthem SL

266.00 € L.R.Baggs Anthem SL pickup, "Tru-Mic" System, incl. element pickup and endpin-preamp

L.R.Baggs Element Active System VTC-N

209.00 € L.R.Baggs Element Active System VTC-N, active Element piezo pickup, endpin peamp, with volume and tone control for soundhole mounting, for classical guitar, powered via 9V battery (up to 1000h play... Loe edasi

L.R.Baggs Lyric Microphone

263.00 € L.R.Baggs Lyric Microphone TRU MIC noise canceling technology, Analog signal conditioning, All discrete mic preamplifie, Soundhole volume control, Mic presence control, Quick & easy installatio... Loe edasi

L.R.Baggs Lyric Microphone Classical

275.00 € L.R.Baggs Lyric Classical Microphone, TRU MIC noise canceling technology, for classical guitar with nylon strings, Analog signal conditioning, All discrete mic preamplifie, Soundhole volume control... Loe edasi

L.R.Baggs Radius-M Mandoline Pickup

202.00 € L.R.Baggs Radius-M Mandoline Pickup Mandolinpickup, magnetic Sensor like Mikrophonmembran

RC Strings AMB5C Mahogany

88.34 € RC Strings AMB5C Mahogany pickup for classical guitar, a pickup that requires no installation or batteries, the strings hold it in place, complete with a detachable, easily replaceable cable.

Schaller Oyster D/S Piezo

53.24 € Schaller 16050102 Oyster Piezo, double glue-on piezo pickup for interior mounting, finish: chrome, incl. plug socket and glue, dimensions - diameter 27 mm (each), weight: 60 g

Schaller Oyster S/P

43.44 € Schaller 16050103 Oyster S/P, exterior mount, glue-on piezo pickup, includes 3,20 m cable with jack plug. Finish: Chrome

Schatten Design RG-3 passiv

148.00 € Schatten Design RG-3 passive, resonator guitar pickup, to attach to the bottom of the cone, installation using special adhesive and clamping screw, balanced and highly authentic sound reproduction,... Loe edasi

Schatten Design T2 500k Dual Thumb Wheel

54.45 € Schatten Design T2 500k Dual Thumb Wheel Volume Control, interne Lautstärken-/Tonregelung, double thump wheel (2x volume or 1x volume/1x tone) for the soundhole, for the tone-control it is a capac... Loe edasi

Schertler Basik Set

183.00 € Schertler Basik Set - dynamic Contact transducer, set includes Basik pickups, mono connector, Contact paste, phantom powering adapter and 1.5V battery.

Schertler CA-M-Ext cable condenser micro

22.99 € Schertler CA-M-Ext, CA-M-Ext cable condenser microfon.

Schertler S-MIC-M Condenser Microphone

108.00 € Schertler S-MIC-M, condenser microphone, specially developed for use with the magnetico AG6 pickup.

Seymour Duncan SA-6 Mag Mic

244.00 € Seymour Duncan SA-6 Mag Mic - magnetic soundhole pickup with adjustable pole caps and integrated microphone, needs a 9V battery

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