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Ehrlund Microphones EAP System

616.00 € Ehrlund Microphones EAP System, linear Contact microphone for instruments with an acoustic sound box, works perfectly with guitar, violin and double bass, etc., simple to attach to the sound box wi... Loe edasi

Fishman Acoustic Matrix Series

115.00 € Fishman Acoustic Matrix Series, ACC-MAT-NPU, Pickup of Acoustic Matrix Series in Wide Format (3.2 mm) without Accesory

Fishman Acoustic Matrix Series Narrow

115.00 € Fishman Acoustic Matrix Series Narrow, 2,3 mm width, singlepickup, without output connector and without packing, to use with Fishman Infinity and Natural Preamps

Fishman AG-125

163.00 € Fishman AG-125 - under saddle pickup for acoustic guitar, passive (no battery necessary), preamp recommended but not essential, suitable for 3.2mm wide saddles with 54mm width strings (from E to E)... Loe edasi

Fishman AG094

126.00 € Fishman AG094 - passive Piezo bar pickup with endpin jack socket, 2.3mm wide, 54mm string spacing.

Fishman AGX094

163.00 € Fishman AGX094 - piezo bridge pickup with passive switched jack socket, 2.3mm wide bar insert, 59mm string distance, suitable for 12-string and classical guitars.

Fishman AGX125

163.00 € Fishman AGX125 of passive Piezo bar pick-up with passive Switchjack final button socket, 3,2mm broad bar insert, string distance 59mm, f. 12 string Steel Guitars or Classical Guitars

Headway HE4/BZ.FEQ Bouz/Mand PU

212.00 € Headway HE4/BZ.FEQ Bouzouki/Mandolin pickup system for Bouzouki, Octave Mandolin & Octave Mandola, piezocable pickup for under saddle, preamp integrated in the endpinjack

L.R.Baggs Anthem

382.00 € L.R.Baggs Anthem Pickup Internal "Tru-Mic" System, incl. Element Pickup and Soundhole-Preamp

L.R.Baggs Element Active System VTC

209.00 € L.R.Baggs Element Active System VTC, active Element piezo pickup, endpin peamp, with volume and tone control for soundhole mounting, for acoustic steel string guitars, powered via 9V battery (up to... Loe edasi

Shadow NFX-AC

133.00 € Shadow NFX-AC - pickup for classical and western guitars, pickup mounts under the saddle, volume control, active electronics, includes preamp, powered via 3V cell battery (approximately one year li... Loe edasi

Shadow SH091

59.29 € Shadow SH091 Piezo Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pickup - incorporates saddle, fits 2.3mm standard bridge slot width, includes an extra saddle to adjust the height of the low E string.

Shadow SH097

42.35 € Shadow SH097 Classical Guitar Pickup - under-saddle piezo pickup, fits guitars with a standard bridge slot width of 2.3 mm, installs under the original saddle, only 1.8mm thick., Lenght 7cm

Shadow SH099

47.19 € Shadow SH099 - under saddle piezo bridge pickup for steel and classical guitars. Suitable for standard bridge slot width of 2.3mm (3/32"), installs under the original saddle. Thickness: 1.8mm, Leng... Loe edasi

Shadow SH1110

83.50 € Shadow SH 1110 acoustic guitar under saddle piezo pickup, installs invisibly under the original saddle, only 1,8 mm thick, fits guitars with a standard bridge slot width of 2,3 mm (3/32"), includes... Loe edasi

Shadow SH1900

108.00 € Shadow SH 1900 quick mount classical guitar pickup, mounts without drilling od wiring, features incorporated saddle and volume control, fits guitars with standard bridge slot width of 2,3 mm (3/32"... Loe edasi

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