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Aguilar OBP-3TK Onboard Bass Preamp

242.00 € Aguilar OBP-3TK - onboard bass preamp with separate pots for bass, mid and treble plus mini-switch for mid frequency. +/-18dB for bass (40Hz), +/-16dB for mid (400 or 800Hz) and +/-16dB for treble ... Loe edasi

Artec SE-2

30.25 € Artec SE-2 - bass electronics set with 2-band EQ. Suitable for active or passive pickups.

Artec SE-2A Bass Electronic Set

28.92 € Artec SE-2A Bass Electronic Set - 2-band EQ with tandem pots for use with active or passive pickups. 3 pots: treble, bass, tandem volume. Bass : +/-12 dB at 100 Hz, Treble : +/-12 dB at 4 kHz, matc... Loe edasi

Artec SE-3 Bass Electronics Set

22.99 € Artec SE-3 Bass Electronics Set - 3-band EQ, 5 Pots: volume, mids, treble, bass, balance.

Darkglass Tone Capsule Bass Preamp

202.00 € Darkglass Tone Capsule Bass Preamp, offers the transparency of the Microtubes B7K EQ in an onboard pre-amp, controls: Bass +-12dB @70Hz - Mids +-12dB @500Hz - Hi Mids +-12dB 2.8kHz, Pots included, ... Loe edasi

EMG BQC Control

130.00 € EMG BQC Control, 3 Band EQ for bass guitars with active EMG pickups, active balance, bass, semi parametric midrange, and treble via 2 concentric/stacked pots, center detent for flat response, varia... Loe edasi

EMG BQC System

212.00 € EMG BQC System, complete control system for bass guitars with active EMG pickups, active balance, master volume and 3-band EQ w. control over bass, semi parametric midrange, and treble via 2 concen... Loe edasi

EMG BQS System 3-Band EQ 5 Potis

193.00 € EMG BQS -System 3-band EQ pot set for electric bass, based o n BQC control but with 5pots, for EMG pickups only, this sys tem features a pre-wired balance control (blend) and master volume with sep... Loe edasi

EMG BTC Control

95.60 € EMG BTC Control, 2-band EQ pot for electric basses with +/-12dB cut/boost, 4x selectable frequencies (2100, 3500, 4500 & 7000Hz). suitable for active and passive pickups.

EMG BTC System 2-Band EQ 3 Potis

137.00 € EMG BTC System 2-Band EQ for Bass Guitar - active 2-band EQ (+/-12dB), 3 pots, 4x switchable centre frequencies (2100, 3500, 4500 and 7000Hz), additional balance and master volume controls.

EMG BTS Control

102.00 € EMG BTS Control, 2-Band EQ for bass guitar, features broader single-pole filters which are often preferred for musical instruments because they are less selective, High and Bass +/- 12 db, 4 select... Loe edasi

EMG BTS System

133.00 € EMG BTS System is a complete control system for active EMG bass pickups, It includes an Active Balance Control that allows for loss-free balance between two pickups and has a center detent for the ... Loe edasi

EMG PJ-Set Wiring Kit

47.19 € EMG PJ-Set Wiring Kit, includes everything needed for the installation of a PJ Set configuration of active EMG soldeless bass pickups, split shaft potentiometers (standard length), includes 2 x vol... Loe edasi

Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp

212.00 € Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp (4-Knob System), prewired onboard bass preamp for J-style basses with metal control plate, active preamp for passive pickups, 4-knob layout with controls for Master Vol... Loe edasi

Seymour Duncan SSTC-3M4

238.00 € Seymour Duncan STC-3M4 3-Band-EQ - 4 controls.

Seymour Duncan STC-2P

198.00 € Seymour Duncan STC-2P Bass Electronics - 2-band EQ with volume, balance and switchable 'Slap Contour' preset, not suitable for active basses.

Seymour Duncan STC-3P

232.00 € Seymour Duncan STC-3P Bass Preamp System - 3-band EQ, volume, balance, switchable "Slap Contour" preset, not suitable for active basses.

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