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DiMarzio DP122BK

95.60 € DiMarzio Model DP122BK, P-style black, 2-part Bass Pickup Set with higher output, Harmonizes with very good, DiMarzio Model J or Ultra Jazz in the bridge position.

DiMarzio DP122CR

95.60 € DiMarzio DP122CR Model P-Bass, 2pcs. bass pickup set with higher output, perfect with DiMarzio Model J or Ultra Jazz at bridge position, color: creme

DiMarzio DP126 BK

152.00 € DiMarzio DP126 BK, Bass Pickup Set, Model P+J, Neck & bridge Set, clean and dry tone, ideal composition

DiMarzio DP127 BK

120.00 € DiMarzio DP127 BK - bass humbucker pickup, sensitive, no background noise.

DiMarzio DP127 WH

115.00 € DiMarzio DP127 WH Split P bass pickup - sensitive humbucker with no background noise. Colour: White.

DiMarzio DP146

99.23 € DiMarzio DP146 advancement of the Model one and P, particularly after the conception of Billy Sheehan manufactured, more punch,middle

EMG Geezer Butler PHZ Black

113.00 € EMG Geezer Butler PHZ - Black, Geezer Butler Signature pickup set, passiv, AlNiCo 5 magnets, 1x P-style pickup, solderless, colour: black, incl. potentiometers, cables


96.81 € EMG P, active single coil pickup for P-Style electric bass; position: all positions; output: medium, covers a wide soni c palette of classic and modern bass sounds, brilliant high- end articulation... Loe edasi


103.00 € EMG PHZ Bass Pickup- P-style passive pickup with ceramic magnets, includes screws only


183.00 € EMG PJ Set Bass Pickups - very popular system, strong low end with "singing" middle frequencies from the "J" Pickup (4-string only). EMG Quik-Connect


193.00 € EMG PJX Bass Pickup Set - P style and J style pickups with pots and battery clip. Suitable for 4-string basses, incl. Solderless Install System, solid shaft volume, active tone control set, output ... Loe edasi


131.00 € EMG PX Pickup P Style Pickup, 4 string, The X Series preamp offers increased touch sensitivity and dynamic range, incl. Solderless Install System, solid shaft volume pot, active tone control, outpu... Loe edasi

Lace Pickups Riffblaster P-Bass Pickup

137.00 € Lace Pickups Riffblaster P-Bass Pickup, Nate Newton's signature pickup, ceramic magnets provide an aggressive but yet articulated tone, sustain and punch enable a modern and defined character, idea... Loe edasi

Lindy Fralin P-Bass BK

193.00 € Lindy Fralin P-Bass BK, single coil pickup for P-Style electric bass; position: neck & bridge ; output: medium; handwound, clean and articulate with a huge bottom end; wiring: 2-conductor; DC r... Loe edasi

Lollar P-Bass 90

232.00 € Lollar P-Bass 90; handwound hum-cancelling Split Coil Pickup for P-Style Electric Bass; Position: all Positions; Output: Medium; a crossover between a P-Bass and a P90 Pickup; Compared to a standar... Loe edasi

Lollar P-Bass Overwound

183.00 € Lollar P-Bass Overwound, single coil pickup for electric bass, position: all positions, output: medium, similar to our standard P-Bass split-coil except overwound by 10% and a touch hotter, this gi... Loe edasi

Lollar P-Bass Split Coil

183.00 € Lollar P-Bass Split Coil, pickup for P-Style electric bass, construction: single coil, output: vintage, wound to vintage specs and patterned after the original split-coil humbucking bass pickup to ... Loe edasi

MEC P/J-Style MC-4 Brush Bk Ch Set

271.00 € MEC P/J-style bass pickup set, 4-string version, incl. neck and bridge position (P-style M 60200 (neck), J-style M 60201L (bridge)), single coil P-style pickup, stacked coil J-style pickup, shielde... Loe edasi

MEC P/J-Style MC-4 Brushed Ch Set

253.00 € MEC P/J-style bass pickup set, 4-string version, incl. neck and bridge position (P-style M 60200 (neck), J-style M 60201L (bridge)), single coil P-style pickup, stacked coil J-style pickup, shielde... Loe edasi

Seymour Duncan SANTII-PPB

228.00 € Seymour Duncan SANTII-PPB P-bass pickup; early 60s P-Bass to ne perfect for classic rock; surf and R&B rhythms; 4-string; aged; neck position; split coil; Alnico V magnets; DC resis tance 11 kO... Loe edasi

Seymour Duncan SCPB-1 BLK

98.02 € Seymour Duncan SCPB-1 BLK Vintage Singlecoil P-Style-Bass Pickup, Replica of the First P-Style Bass of the 50´s

Seymour Duncan SPB-1

113.00 € Seymour Duncan SPB-1 Replacement Vintage Pickup f. P-Bass

Seymour Duncan SPB-2

113.00 € Seymour Duncan SPB-2, powerful pickup, construction is similar to the Vintage model, but with more coil windings and so more output, for more powerful bass, perfect for blues, classic rock and heav... Loe edasi

Seymour Duncan SPB-3

113.00 € Seymour Duncan SPB-3 Bass Pickup for 'P'-Style Basses - maximum output and extended frequency response. The large Punch Polepieces provide the low end, while the Seymour coil tuning ensures healthy... Loe edasi

Seymour Duncan SPB-4

132.00 € Seymour Duncan SPB-4, pickups for 4-string p-style bass, Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) signature pickups, designed by Steve Harris specifications, Alnico 5 magnets, DC resistance 13 kOhm, with Steve H... Loe edasi

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