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Aguilar AG 4J-HC

323.00 € Aguilar AG 4J-HC, Pickup Set for Electric Bass, J-Style bass set neck & bridge, Hum-canceling, No typical single-coil humming, Alnico V magnets, Dimensions: 95 x 24 x 19 mm

Bartolini 9CBJS L1/S1 Set

206.00 € Bartolini 9CBJS L1/S1 Set; j-style set; 4-string version, consists of 9CBJS-S1 neck position (short version) and 9CBJS-L1 bridge position (long version), classic bass series, single coil, deep ton... Loe edasi

Bartolini BA 9J1 Set

253.00 € Bartolini BA 9J1 Set, Pickup set for electric bass, Dual in-line coil, Neck position: 9J-S1, Bridge position: 9J-L1, Hum-cancelling coil designs, Vintage tone

Bartolini BA 9JL1 Bridge

132.00 € " Bartolini BA 9JL1 Bridge, Pickup for 4-string electric bass, Suitable for J-Style models, Dual coil, Bridge position, Ceramic magnets, Dimensions: 19 x 95 mm (0.37"" x 3.73""), Colour: Black"

Bartolini BA 9JS1 Neck

122.00 € " Bartolini BA 9JS1 Neck, Pickups For 4-String Jazz Bass, Neck position, Single coil, Ceramic magnets, Dimensions: 19 mm / 0.73"" x 91 mm / 3.60"", Colour: Black"

DiMarzio DP123BK Set

192.00 € DiMarzio DP123BK Set, Set of Pickups for Electric Bass, 2 Single coils, For J-Style models, For bridge and neck position, Dry tone with very direct response, More output therefore more treble, Als... Loe edasi

DiMarzio DP123Creme Set

206.00 € DiMarzio DP123Creme Set, Bass Pickup Set, J -Style Bass, Consisting of neck and bridge pickup, Dry tone with very direct response, More output thereby more treble reserves, For basses without fret... Loe edasi

DiMarzio DP126 Creme

215.00 € DiMarzio DP126 Creme, Pickup-Set for Electric-Bass, For neck- and bridge-position, For P-Bass and J-Bass-models, Clean, dry sound, Colour: Creme

DiMarzio DP147

109.00 € DiMarzio DP147, Pickups For 4-String Electric Bass, Ultra J-Style, For neck position

DiMarzio DP147 Creme

105.00 € DiMarzio DP147 Creme, Pickups For Electric Bass, Ultra J-style pickup, For 4-string, Position: Neck, Colour: Cream

DiMarzio DP148 CR

97.19 € DiMarzio DP148 CR, Ultra J-Style Pickup, More output then Model J, Bridge position, Colour: Creme

DiMarzio DP149BK

206.00 € DiMarzio DP149BK, Pickup Set, Ultra J-Style, Neck & bridge, Colour: Black

DiMarzio DP302GB Relentless J Bass BL

269.00 € DiMarzio DP302GB Relentless J Bass BL, Set of Pickups for Electric Bass, Position: Neck and bridge, Magnet material: Neodymium, With extended mid-frequency range for biting highs and precise basse... Loe edasi

EMG "J Set RT ""RIP Tide"" BC"

224.00 € " EMG J Set RT ""RIP Tide"" BC, Pickup Set For Electric Bass, Robert Trujilo ""RIP TIDE"" signature set, 2 Active J-style pickups, Output: Medium, Original EMG J set with its harmonic overtones, pr... Loe edasi


190.00 € EMG Geezer Butler PJHZ Black, Pickup-Set for Electric-Bass, Geezer Butler signature set, Passive, 1 P-style split-coil and 1 J-style with specially wound split coils for interference-free and hum-... Loe edasi


186.00 € EMG J-Set Bridge Pickup Black, Active pickup set for electric bass, For J-Style models, Classic jazz bass characteristics with an extended frequency range, Output: Medium, Broader tonal frequency ... Loe edasi


186.00 € EMG JA Set, Pickup set for 4-string electric bass, 2 J-style pickups@+@+Similar to the J, but uses domed Alnico V magnets instead of ceramic, resulting in a warm and open tone for a vintage sound ... Loe edasi


206.00 € EMG JAX Set, Pickup Set for 4-String Electric Bass, Set consisting of 2 active J style single coils, Position: Neck and bridge, With X Series preamp for a warm and open vintage sound with a wide f... Loe edasi


196.00 € " EMG JV52 HZ Set, Pickup set for J-Style electric bass, ""Hum-canceling side by side"" coil construction, For neck and bridge positions, Solderless connections, Magnetic material: Alnico 5, Length... Loe edasi


208.00 € " EMG JVX Set, Pickup Set for Electrical Bass, Only for 4 strings, Active, Design and sound of a classical single coil pickup but devoid of mains hum, Visible Alnico V magnets, Percussive vintage s... Loe edasi


206.00 € EMG JX Set, Active Pickup Set for Electric Bass, For J-Style models, Classic jazz bass characteristic with an extended frequency range, With additional Dynamic and Headroom of the X-Series Pre-Amp... Loe edasi


186.00 € " EMG MJ Set, Active pickup set for J-style electric bass, Same as the original EMG J set with harmonic overtones, pressure and low noise level, Output: Medium, Modified sizes for Mexican and many ... Loe edasi

Kloppmann JB 61 J-Bass Set BK

367.00 € Kloppmann JB 61 J-Bass Set BK, Set of Pickups for J-Style Electric Bass, Hand-wound, Pickup type: Single Coils, Output: Vintage & Hot, Authentic vintage J-style bass sound - fat, growly, low-m... Loe edasi

Lace Pickups Aluma J Bass Neck BK

155.00 € " Lace Pickups Aluma J Bass Neck BK, Pickups for electric bass, J-style single coil, High-output gain, Patented ""Current-Driven"" technology, Deep, clean J-style tone, Dimensions: 91 x 18 x 25 mm,... Loe edasi

Lindy Fralin J-Style Bass Set BK

258.00 € Lindy Fralin J-Style Bass Set BK, Set of Pickups for J-Style Electric Bass, Set with 2 single coils, Hand-wound, High output, Magnet material: Alnico 5, Fat, loud, powerful and clear, Connections:... Loe edasi

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