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EMG 1 or 2 Pickups P/P Wiring Kit

65.20 € EMG 1 or 2 Pickups P/P Wiring Kit, Solderless Wiring Kit, Only suitable for active EMG pickups, Includes everything required for installation in an EMG solderless 1 or 2 pickup configuration with ... Loe edasi

EMG 1 or 2 Pickups Wiring Kit

52.90 € EMG 1 or 2 Pickups Wiring Kit, Solderless Pickup Accessories Set, Kit with everything you need for the installation of 1 or 2 active EMG solderless pickups, Contains pots with fluted shaft in stan... Loe edasi

EMG 1 or 2 Pickups Wiring Kit LH

55.36 € EMG 1 or 2 Pickups Wiring Kit LH, Pickup installation set, Lefthand / left-handed version, Everything you need to install 1 or 2 active EMG Solderless pickups, Includes potentiometers with knurled... Loe edasi

EMG 3 Pickups Push/Pull Wiring Kit

97.19 € EMG 3 Pickups Push/Pull Wiring Kit, Wiring Set, With everything you need for the installation of 3 active EMG solderless pickups, Only active pickups, With a push / pull pot for dual mode pickup, ... Loe edasi


84.89 € EMG AB, New push / pull booster@+The EMG Afterburner (the name has nothing to do with the pleasure of Pepperoni, but is really hot) is equally suitable for active as well as passive pickups and of... Loe edasi

EMG DPDT TW Switch Dual

43.06 € EMG DPDT TW Switch Dual, Mode Selector Switch, Dual mode selector switch as a replacement for a push/pull potentiometer, Allows activation of the split function with a single-click switch

EMG EXG Guitar Expander

84.89 € EMG EXG Expander, Guitar Expander, Offers exceptional tonal flexibility, Similar frequency response to a typical guitar amp equaliser with a boost in the lows and highs and a cut in the mids as yo... Loe edasi


84.89 € Preamp / Booster Circuit , For active and passive pickups, Suitable for guitars and basses, Boost 0 - 20 dB, 1 Mini switch circuit

EMG SPC Presence Control

84.89 € " EMG SPC Presence Control, Presence Control Poti, The SPC or ""Strat Presence Control"" is often referred to as a fat control potentiometer, ""Strat Presence Control: boosts the mids and volume of... Loe edasi

EMG Toggle Kill Switch

35.68 € EMG Toggle Kill Switch, Mini switch, Works like a push-button kill switch, but in the form of a toggle switch

EMG VMC Control 1 Poti

109.00 € EMG VMC Control 1 Poti, Parametric Midrange Control, Suitable for guitar & basses, Tandempoti for parametric midrange control, +/- 12 db between 100-1000 Hz, Completed BTC u. BTS to a full-fle... Loe edasi

Fishman Tune-O-Matic Powerbridge SC

286.00 € Fishman Tune-O-Matic Powerbridge SC, E-Guitar Bridge, Tune-o-matic bridge for single cut style guitars, With integrated passive piezo sampling system, Chrome-plated

Graph Tech Acousti-Phonic for Guitar

122.00 € Graph Tech Acousti-Phonic for Guitar, Preamp-Set for Graph Tec Piezo-Pickups*Includes:*@+@+, PD-0240-00 Acousti-Phonic - Preamplifier for guitar, BD-0103-01 Switchcraft Stereo Jack (4 contacts), B... Loe edasi

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