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73.82 € EMG AB, Afterburner, push/pull booster for up to 20dB of adjustable power output. Suitable for all EMG pickups and passive pickups.

EMG EXG Expander

82.29 € EMG EXG Expander 1 Poti - features treble and bass boost, lowers the midrange, only suitable for EMG Pickups


83.50 € EMG PA2 Preamp/Booster - 1x mini-switch with 0-20dB boost. Suitable for guitars and basses and for active and passive pick-ups.

EMG SPC Presence Control

83.50 € EMG SPC, The SPC or "Strat Presence Control" is often called the fat control. It boosts the midrange and volume of a sin gle coil pickup to give it a sound similar to a humbucker fo r a fatter, lou... Loe edasi

EMG VMC Control 1 Poti

108.00 € EMG VMC Control 1 Poti, for Guitar & Bassguitar, Tandempoti for parametric Midth. +/- 12 db between 100-1000 Hz. completed BTC u. BTS to a 3-Band EQ System

Fishman Powerchip

98.02 € Fishman Powerchip - installation preamplifier with active volume control. Combination or splitting of piezo and magnetic pickups (mono or stereo).

Fishman Tune-O-Matic Powerbridge SC

281.00 € Fishman Tune-O-Matic Powerbridge Single Cut, electric guitar bridge with integrated passive piezo pickup system, tune-o-matic bridge for LP type guitars. Chrome plated finish

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