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Rockboard LT XL Power Bank BK

71.39 € Rockboard LT XL BK Power Bank, mobile rechargeable power station for effect pedals, 3 high-performance li-ion batteries, 6,600 mAh battery capacity, rechargeable while in use, can also be used to c... Loe edasi

Rockboard Power Ace 9V Power

18.76 € Rockboard Power Ace 9V Power, power supply for effects, 9V D C, 1700 mA output, input voltage 100-240 volts (automatic vo ltage adjustment), high quality construction, virtually hum- free operation... Loe edasi

Rockboard Power Ace Set / 9V Power

33.28 € Rockboard Power Ace Set / 9V Power, Rockboard power supply for multiple effect units, 9V DC, 1700 mA output, for up to 8 effect units, input voltages between 100 and 240 volts possible (automatic v... Loe edasi

Rockboard Power Block

83.50 € Rockboard Power Block, multi power supply for effect pedals, 8 LEDs, 8 x 9V connectors (150 ma each), 2 x 18 sockets (400 ma each), total output 2000 ma, rugged metal housing, including 18 v mains ... Loe edasi

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