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Morley M2 Control Expression Pedal

133.00 € Morley M2 Passive Voltage Control / Expression Pedal, Expression- / Voltage Control-Pedal, Expression- / Voltage Control pedal, Passive operation - no power needed, For controlling effects with exp... Loe edasi

Morley M2 Mini Volume

95.60 € Morley M2 Mini Volume, Compact volume pedal, Smooth audio taper, Passive, no power required, Cold-rolled steel housing, Input: 6.3 mm mono, Output: 6.3 mm mono, Dimensions (L x W x H): 178 mm x 127... Loe edasi

Morley M2 Passive Stereo Volume

130.00 € Morley MP2 Passive Stereo Volume, Volume pedal, Stereo version with dedicated in- and outputs (6.3 mm jacks), 3 routing options: mono (1 in / 1 out), stereo (2 in / 2 out), ABY (1 in / 2 out), Pass... Loe edasi

Morley M2 Passive Volume

116.00 € Morley MP2 Passive Volume, Volume pedal, Passive operation - no power needed, Control volume and volume swells, Cold-rolled steel housing, Works with guitar, bass or keys, Made in USA

Morley M2 Wah Volume

169.00 € Morley M2 Wah Volume, Wah/Volume pedal, Traditional vintage wah sounds, Control volume and volume swells, LED indication, Wah volume control, Integrated buffer ("True Tone") to maintain instrument ... Loe edasi

Morley Mini Volume Pedal

59.29 € Morley Mini Volume Pedal Volume Pedal smaller format perfect for pedals boards, for Guitar,Bass,Keyboards, Status Led, 9V Battery or optional Power Supply (155098)

Morley PVO Plus

108.00 € Morley PVO Plus Volumen Pedal,Audio Taper, Switch for Minimum Volume Function, Minimum Volume controller, Status Led

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