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Radial Engineering Tonebone PZ-PRE V2

406.00 € Radial Engineering Tonebone PZ-PRE V2, Preamp/DI for acoustic and electric instruments, 2 indebendent, mixable channels, 3-band EQ with parametric mids, Controls for Level 1, Level 2 Notch, High, M... Loe edasi

Zoom AC3 Acoustic Guitar FX

260.00 € Zoom AC3 Acoustic Guitar FX, multi FX & pre-amp, effects pedal, 16 source-bodytype-presets for precise sound reproduction, 15 destination-bodytype-presets for sound optimizing, 6,35 mm jack inp... Loe edasi

T-Rex Soulmate Acoustic

433.00 € T-Rex Soulmate Acoustic, Mulitieffect, classic T-Rex effects & stereo looper for acoustic guitar in one compact board, full band compressor, classic warm chorus/detune, delay with tap tempo con... Loe edasi

tc electronic BodyRez

102.00 € tc electronic BodyRez, effects pedal, acoustic enhancer, restores the natural acoustic resonance of your acoustic-guitar when using under-saddle piezo pickups, BodyRez gives you a more natural soun... Loe edasi

Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig

378.00 € Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig, multieffect pedal for acoustic guitars, analog SansAmp circuit, boost function, (12dB), compressor, reverb, delay, chorus, tuner, phase flip switch, headphones mode, power... Loe edasi

ToneWoodAmp Multieffekt for Acousticguitar

296.00 € ToneWoodAmp ToneWoodAmp, multieffect for acoustic guitars, effect is audible through the soundhole, no amp necessary, easy installation, the effect is kept in place through magnets, instrument inpu... Loe edasi

Valeton Dapper Acoustic Mini 4

120.00 € Valeton Dapper Acoustic Mini 4 Effect Strip, extreme compact 4-in-1 acoustic effect strip with: tuner, reverb, preamp & compressor for acoustic guitar, tuner: fast detection, silent tuning &... Loe edasi

XVive Mike

78.66 € XVive Mike, microphone simulator / buffer effects pedal for acoustic guitar, uses IR (Impulse Response) technology to catch the sound features of a real ribbon microphone, 9 unusual EQ curves speci... Loe edasi

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