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API Audio Tranzformer GT

640.00 € API Tranzformer GT; Guitar Pedal; variable Compressor with in/out switching; 3-Band +/- 15dB Equalizer with in/out switching; fully discrete API circuit design; Input Gain control with +30dB of gai... Loe edasi

API Audio Tranzformer LX

640.00 € API Tranzformer LX; Bass Pedal; variable Compressor with in/out switching; 3-Band +/- 15dB Equalizer with in/out switching; fully discrete API circuit design; Input Gain control with +30dB of gain;... Loe edasi

Artec Graphic EQ & Tuner

47.19 € Artec Graphic EQ & Tuner - 8-band graphic equalizer and chromatic tuner in one box. Bands: 100, 170, 280, 500, 800, 1.4k, 2.3k and 5.0k plus gain control. Powered via 9V battery or power supply... Loe edasi

Artec Parametric EQ

39.93 € Artec Parametric EQ Pedal - parametric Equalizer. Controls: freq, width, gain level. True bypass, heavy metal Enclosure, powered by 9V battery or external power supply (not included). Dimensions: 7... Loe edasi

Artec SE-EQ8 Graphic EQ

42.35 € Artec SE-EQ8 Graphic EQ - 8-band graphic EQ, footswitch, power by 9v battery or optional power supply (recommended # 109004 or multi-powersupplies as 264101), dimensions: 75.5 x 116 x 49mm (WxDxH)

Behringer BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer

29.04 € Behringer BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer, effects pedal, Shape your sound with 7 bands of equalization, frequency range from 50 Hz to 10 kHz with 15 dB boost/cut per band, controls: 50 - 120 - 400 -... Loe edasi

Behringer EQ700

28.44 € Behringer EQ700 Graphic Equalizer – shape your sound and eliminate feedback with 7 bands of equalization, optional power supply available (Thomann NTAC/PSA 409939).

Boss EQ-200 Graphic Eq

264.00 € Boss EQ-200 Graphic Eq, studio-level stereo sound with 32-bit/96 kHz processing, 4 memory places, LED display, MIDI, USB, controls: 10 slide controls from 30Hz to 12,8kHz, Level, Channel, Memory, 2... Loe edasi

Boss GE-7 Equalizer

105.00 € BOSS GE-7 Equalizer, guitar effects pedal, seven bands of EQ with +/- 15dB ranging from 100Hz to 6.4kHz, ideal for guitar sounds, perfect as a boost pedal for solos, creating an alternate sound or ... Loe edasi

Danelectro DJ14 Fish&Chips

59.29 € Danelectro DJ14 Fish&Chips, 7 Band EQ, optional power supply (Thomann NT AC/PSA, # 409939)

J. Rockett Audio Designs IQ Compressor

286.00 € J. Rockett Audio Designs IQ Compressor, compressor/EQ effect s pedal, graphic 6-band EQ in front of compressor circuit, u p to 18 dB boost/cut per band, true bypass, incredible flexi bility, compre... Loe edasi

JHS Pedals Haunting Mids - Parametric EQ

196.00 € JHS Pedals Haunting Mids - Parametric Mid EQ; parametric mid EQ effects pedal; analog operation; up to +/- 15 dB mid boost or cut; center frequency sweepable from 400 Hz to 7.5 kHz; switchable Q (L... Loe edasi

Joyo Joyo R-12 Band Controller EQ

108.00 € Joyo R-12 Band Controller EQ, effect pedal, control and remove noisy frequencies and booming feedback or boost a solo to stand out, 10 band graphic EQ, 31.25 Hz to 16 KHz, volume silder, true bypas... Loe edasi

Mooer Graphic G

75.03 € Mooer Graphic G, e-guitar stompbox, 5-band graphic EQ, +/- 18 dB gain range, frequency bands: 100Hz, 250Hz, 630Hz, 1.6kHz, 4kHz, level control, true bypass, dimensions (h x w x d): 52 x 42 x 93,5 m... Loe edasi

MXR 10 Band Equalizer Silver

202.00 € MXR 10 Band Equalizer Silver, graphic 10 band equalizer, +/-12dB boost or cut per band, 2 outputs for splitting the signal, low noise floor, true bypass, controls for volume gain 31Hz 62Hz 125Hz 25... Loe edasi

MXR 6 Band Equalizer Silver

136.00 € MXR 6 Band Equalizer Silver, graphic 6-band equalizer, +/-18 dB boost or cut per band, low noise floor, true bypass, illuminated sliders (status LEDs), controls for 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 1.6k... Loe edasi

Wampler EQuator Equalizer

238.00 € Wampler EQuator Equalizer, effects pedal, precisely tuned for the needs of modern musicians, 2 Parametric mid frequency controls allow you to pinpoint the sound you want, plenty of output for boost... Loe edasi

XVive V15 Tone Shaper Equalizer

20.45 € XVive V15 Tone Shaper Equalizer, equalizer effects pedal, analog operation, 2-band equalizer with multi-pole sharp cut-off filters, up to 6 dB of added gain, maximizes tonal flexibility, low distor... Loe edasi

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