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Alexander Pedals Quadrant Delay

246.00 € Alexander Pedals Quadrant Delay, effects pedal, delay machine with 4 different delay sound modes, MAG (tape echo), BBD (bucket brigade delay), DIG (digital delay) & LOFI: dirty and grungy, 4 pr... Loe edasi

Alexander Pedals Radical Delay DX

253.00 € Alexander Pedals Quadrant Delay DX, effects pedal, delay machine with 6 different delay sound modes, Mod, Bend, Dual, Rev Yaled Esrever, ARP, Dyna, via Hold Alt, controls: Time, Mix, Repeats, Tweak... Loe edasi

Artec Analog Delay SE-ADL

47.19 € Artec Analogue Delay SE-ADL – SE series echo/delay effects pedal with 3x controls (repeat/mix/time), powered via 9V battery or external power supply (both optional), heavy-duty metal enclosure. Di... Loe edasi

Behringer VD400

25.41 € Behringer VD400 FX Pedal - vintage analogue delay.

Boss DD-200 Digital Delay

275.00 € Boss DD-200 Digital Delay, studio-level stereo sound with 32-bit/96 kHz processing, 12 versatile delay modes, real-time expression plus 4 memory places, built-in 60sec. phrase looper, LED display, ... Loe edasi

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

148.00 € Boss DD-3 Digital Delay, el. guitar effects pedal, compact delay pedal with superb sound quality, provides 3 delay time modes and a delay time control for quick adjustment of exact delay time betwe... Loe edasi

Boss DD-3T Digital Delay

163.00 € Boss DD-3T Digital Delay; effects pedal; new functions, such as delay tempi adjustable via the onboard switch or external footswitch, controls: Level, Feedback, Time, Mode; LED: Effect On; footswit... Loe edasi

Boss DD-500 Digital Delay

365.00 € Boss DD-500 Digital Delay, Studio-level stereo sound with 32-bit/96 kHz processing, 12 versatile delay modes from vintage to modern deliver unlimited creative possibilities, real-time expression wi... Loe edasi

Boss DD-7

167.00 € Boss DD-7 Delay Pedal – 6.4 second delay time, 40 second loop function, modulation-echo with chorus, modelling of the classic DM-2 unit, tap tempo with optional foot pedal or continuous adjust by ... Loe edasi

Boss DD-8 Digital Delay

183.00 € Boss DD-8 Digital Delay; effects pedal; most extensive Boss Delay of the compact series, offers 11 modes, as well as a looper function, controls: Level, Feedback, Time, Mode; push buttons: 1; LED: ... Loe edasi

Boss DM-2W Delay

179.00 € Boss DM-2W Delay, Waza Craft series, e-guitar effect, Delay, controls for: Repeat Rate, Echo and Intensity, analoge corc iut, Standard- and Custom mode, delay time standard mode: 20 -300 ms, custom... Loe edasi

Boss RE-20 Power-Set

275.00 € Boss RE-20 Space Echo Power Set containing: BOSS RE-20 SPACE ECHO (order code 112657), BOSS PSA 230S POWER SUPPLY (order code 102842)

Boss RE-20 Space Echo

248.00 € Boss RE-20 Space Echo - perfect simulation of the RE-201, tap-tempo pedal, mode selector, power supply optional (Thomann NT AC/PSA #409939)

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo

169.00 € Boss TE-2 Tera Echo, e-guitar effect, echo/delay, MDP-technology, Custom-DSP-Chip, freeze function, high dynamic range, mono/stereo in- and outputs, controls for: Level, Tone, Feedback, Time, 9V po... Loe edasi

Carl Martin DeLayla

163.00 € Carl Martin DeLayla; analog delay effects pedal, warm, smooth sound reminiscent of the vintage tape units used in 50s and 60s, 30-500 ms delay time, true bypass, controls for Echo, Tap, Time and Re... Loe edasi

Carl Martin DeLayla XL

202.00 € Carl Martin DeLayla XL, analog delay effects pedal, based on the Carl Martin DeLayla with a second “delay head” (slapbac k) added, warm, smooth sound reminiscent of the vintage tape units used in... Loe edasi

Carl Martin Echo Tone

202.00 € Carl Martin Echo Tone, echo effects pedal, 20-1200 ms delay time, effects loop for adding effect pedals in the loop, co ntrols for Echo, Feedback, Tone and Time, switchable true / trails bypass, Ec... Loe edasi

Catalinbread Adineko

238.00 € Catalinbread Adineko Delay, el. guitar effect pedal, emulation of an oil can echo machine, dark sounding echo with a vibrato modulation that lines up with the echo time and a repeat quality, that h... Loe edasi

Catalinbread Belle Epoch

264.00 € Catalinbread Belle Epoch Delay, el. guitar effect pedal, Faithful sonic recreation of the famous Echoplex EP-3 tape echo including the preamp, delay time of 80ms -800ms, echo sustain, modulation, r... Loe edasi

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe

389.00 € Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe, effects pedal, an exact reproduction of the tone of the iconic 1970’s Maestro Echoplex EP-3 tape echo, high gain silicon transistor-based record and playback ampli... Loe edasi

Catalinbread Echorec

307.00 € Catalinbread Echorec Delay, el. guitar effect pedal, emulation the sought-after Binson Echorec drum recorder echo machine, four playback head concept with extended delay time of 40ms -1000ms, contr... Loe edasi

Crazy Tube Circuits Echotopia

318.00 € Crazy Tube Circuits Echotopia, echo/delay effect pedal for ellectric guitar, retro tape echo Style delay, 4 (virtual) sound heads, delay time: 40 (head 1) to 1200 ms (head 4), controls for feedback... Loe edasi

Danelectro D8 FAB Delay

39.93 € Danelectro D8 FAB Delay 600ms Delay, the Sound of Yesteryear.control for Delay,Time Repeat, optional power supply (Thomann NT AC/PSA, # 409939)

Daredevil Pedals Bootleg Dirty Delay

275.00 € Daredevil Pedals Bootleg Dirty Delay; delay effects pedal; digital operation, built around the Princeton 2399 IC; designed to deliver classic sounds similar to vintage tape delays; integrated Dirt ... Loe edasi

Dawner Prince Boonar Echo-Delay

382.00 € Dawner Prince Boonar Echo-Delay; Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar; delivers the sound of the Binson Echorec, a renowne d analog tap magnetic drum echo unit, packed in an compact s tompbox form.; C... Loe edasi

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