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Anasounds Utopia

232.00 € Anasounds Utopia, effects pedal, delay, tape style delay with modulation, true bypass, current draw: 34 mA, powered by a a 9V DC power supply (barrel type connector - centre negative, not included,... Loe edasi

Artec Analog Delay SE-ADL

47.19 € Artec Analogue Delay SE-ADL – SE series echo/delay effects pedal with 3x controls (repeat/mix/time), powered via 9V battery or external power supply (both optional), heavy-duty metal enclosure. Di... Loe edasi

Behringer DD600 Digital Delay

60.38 € Behringer DD600 Digital Delay - digital delay/echo effects pedal with 11 different modes. Comparable to state-of-the-art studio processors, 24bit high-resolution stereo delay/echo/panning with dela... Loe edasi

Behringer VD400

31.46 € Behringer VD400 FX Pedal - vintage analogue delay.

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

142.00 € Boss DD-3 Digital Delay, el. guitar effects pedal, compact delay pedal with superb sound quality, provides 3 delay time modes and a delay time control for quick adjustment of exact delay time betwe... Loe edasi

Boss DD-500 Digital Delay

344.00 € Boss DD-500 Digital Delay, Studio-level stereo sound with 32-bit/96 kHz processing, 12 versatile delay modes from vintage to modern deliver unlimited creative possibilities, real-time expression wi... Loe edasi

Boss DD-7

163.00 € Boss DD-7 Delay Pedal – 6.4 second delay time, 40 second loop function, modulation-echo with chorus, modelling of the classic DM-2 unit, tap tempo with optional foot pedal or continuous adjust by ... Loe edasi

Boss DM-2W Delay

184.00 € Boss DM-2W Delay, Waza Craft series, e-guitar effect, Delay, controls for: Repeat Rate, Echo and Intensity, analoge corciut, Standard- and Custom mode, delay time standard mode: 20-300 mS, delay ti... Loe edasi

Boss RE-20 Power-Set

281.00 € Boss RE-20 Space Echo Power Set containing: BOSS RE-20 SPACE ECHO (order code 112657), BOSS PSA 230S POWER SUPPLY (order code 102842)

Boss RE-20 Space Echo

253.00 € Boss RE-20 Space Echo - perfect simulation of the RE-201, tap-tempo pedal, mode selector, power supply optional (Thomann NT AC/PSA #409939)

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo

179.00 € Boss TE-2 Tera Echo, e-guitar effect, echo/delay, MDP-technology, Custom-DSP-Chip, freeze function, high dynamic range, mono/stereo in- and outputs, controls for: Level, Tone, Feedback, Time, 9V po... Loe edasi

Carl Martin Red Repeat 2016 Edition

183.00 € Carl Martin Red Repeat 2016 Edition, vintage series modulated analog delay effects pedal, analog, up to 600 milliseconds delay time, tap tempo function, delay time modulation, controls for Echo, Ti... Loe edasi

Catalinbread Adineko

253.00 € Catalinbread Adineko Delay, el. guitar effect pedal, emulation of an oil can echo machine, dark sounding echo with a vibrato modulation that lines up with the echo time and a repeat quality, that h... Loe edasi

Catalinbread Belle Epoch

264.00 € Catalinbread Belle Epoch Delay, el. guitar effect pedal, Faithful sonic recreation of the famous Echoplex EP-3 tape echo including the preamp, delay time of 80ms -800ms, echo sustain, modulation, r... Loe edasi

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe

435.00 € Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe, effects pedal, an exact reproduction of the tone of the iconic 1970’s Maestro Echoplex EP-3 tape echo, high gain silicon transistor-based record and playback ampli... Loe edasi

Catalinbread Csidman

253.00 € Catalinbread Csidman, el. guitar effect pedal, Glitch/Stutter Delay, as a delay pedal, it reproduces true to the input echoes without filtering, when you utilize its scratched disc, stuttery, and g... Loe edasi

Catalinbread Echorec

307.00 € Catalinbread Echorec Delay, el. guitar effect pedal, emulation the sought-after Binson Echorec drum recorder echo machine, four playback head concept with extended delay time of 40ms -1000ms, contr... Loe edasi

Crazy Tube Circuits Time Mk2

232.00 € Crazy Tube Circuits Time Mk2, Time Mk2, delay effect pedal, analog signal path combined with digital recording technology, functions: m/sec, more, tail, mood, tap tempo, divisions toggle switch, in... Loe edasi

Danelectro D8 FAB Delay

39.93 € Danelectro D8 FAB Delay 600ms Delay, the Sound of Yesteryear.control for Delay,Time Repeat, optional power supply (Thomann NT AC/PSA, # 409939)

Diamond Memory Lane Jr

346.00 € Diamond Memory Lane Jr effectpedal, high end bass delay, 1200 ms delaytime, control forr Dly/Mod/Fbk/Mix, Tap Tempo with 1/4 note, dotted 8th and 8th note triplet subdivisions, True Bypass, 9V batt... Loe edasi

Diamond Quantum Leap

275.00 € Diamond Quantum Leap effect pedal, high end delay, toggle for 5 modes; flanger, chorus, filter, tap delay, pitch ramp delay, control for speed, width, regen and mix, tap tempo footswitch, true bypa... Loe edasi

Digitech DOD Rubberneck

253.00 € Digitech DOD Rubberneck analog delay, delay effects pedal, analog operation, 1,500 milliseconds delay time, tap tempo function, delay time modulation (Rubbernecking), true bypass, controls for time... Loe edasi

Digitech Obscura altered Delay Pedal

145.00 € Digitech Obscura altered Delay Pedal, delay effects pedal, true stereo signal processing, 4 delay-types analog tape lo-fi reverse, up to 2 seconds delay time, tap tempo with beat divisions, repeat ... Loe edasi

Duesenberg Red Echo II

307.00 € Duesenberg Red Echo II, vintage echoeffect with up to 600ms reverb time, time for for delay until effect starts, level for effect signal, repeat for numbers of repeats, true bypass, power consumpti... Loe edasi

Dunlop Echoplex Delay

286.00 € Dunlop Echoplex Delay, Digital Delay effects pedal, 40 - 750ms of delay time, controls for Sustain, Volume and Delay, Age mode with "aged" repeats, Bypass Footswitch, internal mono-stereo switch, T... Loe edasi

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