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Mooer E-Lady

66.55 € Mooer E-Lady, Flanger pedal, Vintage analog flanger sound with filter and oscilattion effect, 2 modes (Normal/Filter), Metal housing, True Bypass, Input / Output: Mono jack, 6.3 mm, power supply op... Loe edasi

Mooer Ensemble King

54.45 € Mooer Ensemble King, e-guitar effect, Chorus, controls for rate, level and depth; jackinput and output, status LED, True Bypass, 9V DC power supply needed (not included), dimensions (LxWxH): 93.5 m... Loe edasi

Mooer Jet Engine

83.50 € Mooer Jet Engine Digital Flanger Pedal, multi-frequency flanger effects pedal, digital, 2 flanger modes, tap tempo functionality, controls for Rate, Depth, Level and Width, control button for tap t... Loe edasi

Mooer Liquid

78.66 € Mooer Liquid, Phaser effects pedal, 5 different phase effect types, controls for Mode/Mix, Speed and Color, toggle switch to select between Round, Triangular and Square wave forms, True bypass, met... Loe edasi

Mooer Mod Factory MKII

106.00 € Mooer Mod Factory MKII Multi Modulation, modulation multi effects pedal, 11 modulation effects, digital operation, tap tempo functionality, selectable series/parallel signal routing, controls for S... Loe edasi

Mooer Ninety Orange

54.45 € Mooer Ninety Orange, electric guitar effects, Phaser, control for speed, Vintage/Modern toggle, jackinput and output, status LED, True Bypass, Current Draw: 5 mA, 9V DC power supply needed (not inc... Loe edasi

Mooer Phaser Player

103.00 € Mooer phaser effects pedal, 3 phaser modes, rocker pedal for expression speed control, 4 pressure sensors replace the traditional footswitch, foldout brackets to enlarge the pedal surface, true byp... Loe edasi

Mooer Reverie Chorus

76.24 € Mooer Reverie Chorus, Digital Chorus effects pedal, 5 Chorus modes, 8 additionally available modulation effects, can be mixed to the chorus modes, 5 user preset slots, metal housing, True bypass, 3... Loe edasi

Mooer Soul Shiver

79.87 € Mooer Soul Shiver Univibe pedal chorus and vibrato, effect pedal for electric guitar, retro psychadelic sound, controls for volume speed and intense, metal housing, true bypass, power supply via 9V... Loe edasi

Mooer Spark Chorus

79.87 € Mooer Spark Chorus, effect pedal for electric guitar, classic 80s Chorus sound, controls: depth, speed, normal/deep switch, metal housing, True Bypass, power: optional AC adapter 9V DC - polarity: ... Loe edasi

Mooer Spark Flanger Pedal

68.97 € Mooer Spark Flanger Pedal, effektpedal for e-guitar, flanger widely adjustable from classic to modern, controls for depth manual feedback speed, metal casing, true bypass, power via 9V DC power sup... Loe edasi

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