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Ampeg PF-210HE Portaflex

469.00 € Ampeg PF-210HE Portaflex Bass Box, 2x10" ceramic Eminence® LF driver, 1" HF compression driver w//L-Pad level control, 450W RMS power handling @ 8 ohms, Frequency response: 37 Hz – 17 kHz, Sensit... Loe edasi

Ampeg PF-210HE Portaflex Bundle

559.00 € Ampeg PF-210HE Portaflex Bundle containing AMPEG PF-210HE PORTAFLEX (order code 259320), AMPEG COVER PF-115HE/PF-210HE (order code 304727)

Ampeg PN-210HLF

817.00 € Ampeg PN-210HLF Bass Box, Pro Neo Series, 2 x 10" custom US-made Eminence LF drivers, 550 watts RMS into 8 ohms, 1" Eminence APT:50 HF driver w/L-Pad level control, frequency response: 45Hz - 18kHz... Loe edasi

Ampeg SVT-210AV

307.00 € Ampeg SVT-210AV Bass Cabinet - 2x 10" Eminence speakers, 200W/8ohm RMS (mono), portable alternative to the full-size SVT cabinet, 58Hz-5kHz (-3dB). Dimensions: 61 x 33 x 28cm. Weight: 14kg

Bergantino HDN210 Bass Cabinet

1182.00 € Bergantino HDN210 Bass Cabinet; lightweight construction; equipped with: 2x10" Neodymium Magnet speaker/s; HF Driver: HDN Series Tweeter (adjustable); cabinet construction: ported; power handling: ... Loe edasi

Epifani D.I.S.T. II 210 BK

1019.00 € Epifani D.I.S.T. II 210 BK, Bass Cabinet, lightweight design, 2x 10 inch Epifani Neodymium, 500W RMS, Tweeter ON/OFF switch, Tweeter level, 4 Ohms or 8 Ohms switchable, 2x Speaker Twist / 1/4-inch ... Loe edasi

Epifani Tour 210

680.00 € Epifani Tour 210, Bass Cabinet, 2x 10 inch Epifani Dual Voice Coil Drivers, 400W RMS, Tweeter ON/OFF switch, Tweeter level, 8 Ohms, 2x Speaker Twist / 1/4-inch Combo Speaker Input/Output, weight: 1... Loe edasi

Genzler Bass Array BA210-3

1213.00 € Genzler Bass Array BA210-3, bass cabinet, hi-end, ultra-compact, 2x10" Faital neodymium cast frame loudspeaker + 4x3" Faital neodymium mid/high cone drivers with sealed basket design, 500 watt (8 O... Loe edasi

Genzler Bass Array BA210-3 SL

1213.00 € Genzler Bass Array BA210-3 slanted, bass cabinet, hi-end, ultra-compact, 2x10" Faital neodymium cast frame loudspeaker + 4x3" Faital neodymium mid/high cone drivers with sealed basket design, 500 w... Loe edasi

Glockenklang DUO 8 Ohm

838.00 € Glockenklang Duo 8 Ohm, Bass Cabinet - 2x 10" speakers with horn, 400W/8 Ohms, 100dB SPL, 40Hz-18kHz. Dimensions: 410 x 595 x 435mm. Weight: 24,3 kg

Glockenklang Duo Art light neo 210 8 Ohms

1388.00 € Glockenklang Duo Art light neo 210 8 Ohms, electric bass speaker cabinet, equipped with: 2x10" speaker/s & Kalottenhochtöner (adjustable), cabinet construction: ported, power handling: 400 wat... Loe edasi

Harley Benton BB210T

173.00 € Harley Benton BB210T, bass cabinet, 2x10" speakers with horn, 250 watts rms, 500 watts peak, 8 ohms, inputs: 2 x 6,3 mm jack and 2 x Speaker Twist (note: these connections are all wired together in... Loe edasi

Kustom Deep End 210H II

221.00 € Kustom Deep End 210H II, bass box, 500 watt, 2x 10" speaker, 8 Ohms, high frequency piezo tweeter, 127 dB Max SPL, dimensions (h x w x d): 41,9 cm x 58,4 cm x 40,0 cm, weight: 21,0 kg.

Laney N210

482.00 € Laney N210, bass cabinet, 300W @ 8 ohms, 2 x 10" LaVoce neodymium speakers, 1x 1" adjustable (Hi / Lo) and switchable (on/off) tweeter, material: heavy duty plywood, dimensions: 440x580x400mm, weig... Loe edasi

Markbass Marcus Miller 102 Cab

656.00 € Markbass Marcus Miller 102 Cab, monitor design, 2x10" Neodym (Markbass Custom), 1" custom compression tweeter, 400 W @ 8 Ohms, sensitivity 101dB SPL, frequency range 40 - 20.000 Hz, reflex/cab desi... Loe edasi

Markbass Standard 102HF-8 Ohm

616.00 € Markbass Standard 102HF-8 Ohms Bass Cabinet - 2x 10" neodymium custom made speakers by B&C, 1" HF compression driver tweeter, 400W/8 Ohms, frequency response: 40Hz-20kHz, ultra-light & comp... Loe edasi

Markbass Traveler 102P - 4Ohm

513.00 € Markbass Traveler 102P - 4ohm bass cabinet with 2x 10" Neodym B&C custom made speakers and piezo tweeter. 400W/4ohm, 45Hz-18kHz, ultra-light & compact, rear ported bass reflex system. Dimen... Loe edasi

Markbass Traveler 102P - 8Ohm

528.00 € Markbass Traveler 102P Bass Cabinet - 400W/8ohm, 2x 10" neodymium custom made speakers, piezo tweeter, frequency response: 45Hz-18kHz, ultra-light & compact. Dimensions: 595mm x 330mm x 433mm. ... Loe edasi

Mesa Boogie Subway 2x10" Ultra-Lite

1439.00 € Mesa Boogie Subway 2x10" Ultra-Lite bass cabinet, 2x 10"-custom subway neodym speaker with premium attenuator, 600 Watt 8 Ohms, tuned front ported Tri-Port porting with aviation style bracing, blac... Loe edasi

Mesa Boogie Traditional Powerhouse 210

1009.00 € Mesa Boogie Traditional Powerhouse 210, bass cabinet, 2x 10" speaker, 400 watts (2x 200 watts), 8 Ohms, built-in tweeter (adjustable), 2x Speaker Twist/jack input, closed back, TriPort bass reflex ... Loe edasi

tc electronic K-210

318.00 € tc electronic K-210 bass cabinet, 400W @ 8 ohms, 2x 10" custom speakers, 1x 1" tweeter, Speaker Twist connectors, can be stacked vertically, weight: 20kg

tc electronic RS210

466.00 € tc electronic RS210 Bass Cabinet - 400W, 2x 10" Eminence speakers with 33mm voicecoil, titanium diaphragm, manufactured from 18mm plywood. Dimensions: 356 x 664 x 356mm (WxHxD). Weight: 19kg

tc electronic RS210C

488.00 € tc electronic RS210C, Combo Bass Cabinet, 400W, 2x 10" Eminence speakers, concentric Eminence tweeter with 33mm voicecoil and titanium diaphragm, compatible with the tc electronic RH750 or RH450 Ba... Loe edasi

Warwick WCA 210

296.00 € Warwick WCA 210, bass reflex speaker cabinet, 200 Watt, 8 Ohms, 2 x 10" Warwick custom speaker, 4" Warwick high frequency "bullet" type horn, HF horn level control, rugged metal grill, SPL: 105db, ... Loe edasi

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