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Ampeg Classic Analog Bass Preamp

119.00 € Ampeg Classic Analog Bass Preamp, wide range of authentic Ampeg tones, 3-band tone control, true bypass, metal chassis, powered via 9V battery or optional power supply #409939 (not included),dimens... Loe edasi

Ampeg SCR DI Bundle

314.00 € Ampeg SCR DI Bundle containing AMPEG SCR-DI (order code 357619), AMPEG BAG FOR SCR-DI (order code 404342)

Ampeg SCR DI Bundle

287.00 € Ampeg SCR DI Bundle containing AMPEG SCR-DI (order code 357619), THOMANN POWER SUPPLY UNI 3-12V DC (order code 192043)

Ampeg SCR DI Bundle

328.00 € Ampeg SCR DI Bundle containing AMPEG SCR-DI (order code 357619), AMPEG BAG FOR SCR-DI (order code 404342), THOMANN POWER SUPPLY UNI 3-12V DC (order code 192043)

Ampeg SCR-DI

275.00 € Ampeg SCR-DI, Bass DI Box with overdrive, The footswitchable Ampeg Pre-amp offers a Wide range of authentic Ampeg tones from the smooth Portaflex to the harmonically-rich SVT, The New footswitchabl... Loe edasi

Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21

47.19 € Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21 - analog modeling bass pre-amp/stompbox with DI recording output, authentic V-Tone modeling technology capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, funky slap sounds, c... Loe edasi

Darkglass Alpha·Omega Photon

590.00 € Darkglass Alpha·Omega Photon; Effects Pedal for Basse; new design allows programming each part of the pedal, from compression, distortion, and cabinet simulation in the signal chain to presets via... Loe edasi

Darkglass Microtubes B7K Ultra v2 Aux

487.00 € Darkglass Microtubes B7K Ultra v2 Aux Bass Overdrive, effects pedal, all the versatility and sonic possibilities of the first version plus: single user loadable cabinet simulation impulse response,... Loe edasi

EBS Micro Bass 3

403.00 € EBS Micro Bass 3 Preamp/DI Box; complete analog; controls: master, blend, level, mids, tone, drive, comp, bass, treble, gain; inputs: bass guitar input, drive input; outputs: fx-loop (send & re... Loe edasi

EBS Stanley Clarke Pre Amp

432.00 € EBS Stanley Clarke Pre Amp: Stanley Clark Signature 2-channel preamp for acoustic instruments with best sound quality; controls: 2x Gain, Treble, Filter Mid, Mid frequency band, Bass, 1x Volume; sw... Loe edasi

Kemper Profiler Stage Bundle 1

2128.00 € Kemper Profiler Stage Bundle containing KEMPER PROFILER STAGE (order code 470658), THON CASE KEMPER PROF. STAGE + EP1 (order code 471782), MISSION ENGINEERING EP1-KP-GN (order code 367866)

Mesa Boogie Subway Plus Bass DI-Preamp

435.00 € Mesa Boogie Subway Plus Bass DI-Preamp; Preamp derived from Subway D-800+; EQ / Dynamics Control: Variable High-Pass Fi lter (30Hz / 125Hz); Variable Voicing (Flat to Vintage Scoop ); Fully Active ... Loe edasi

One Control 360 AIAB - Bass Preamp

152.00 € One Control 360 AIAB - Bass Preamp, Amp-In-A-Box Effektpedal, reproduziert den Sound und Charakter des Acoustic 360 Preamps, kräftiger, definierter Bass-Sound der optimal ins Band-Gefüge passt, f... Loe edasi

One Control Sonic Silver Peg - Bass Preamp

161.00 € One Control Sonic Silver Peg-Bass Preamp, bass preamp / amp-in-a-box effects pedal, reproduces the sound and character of a vintage Ampeg V4 amp, active Mid control features +/- 15 dB at 800 Hz, To... Loe edasi

Palmer Pocket Amp Bass

173.00 € Palmer Pocket Amp Bass Preamp, multi-purpose bass guitar preamp for gigging, recording and practicing, 3 sound modes: Clean, Overdrive und Fuzz, 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mid control that is s... Loe edasi

Phil Jones Mobile Bass Amp HA-2 Bighead

424.00 € Phil Jones Mobile Bass Amp HA-2 Bighead, mobile amplifier and digital audio interface, 300 mW, impedance 16-64 ohms, high resolution USB audio interface, compatible with most music software, integr... Loe edasi

Sadowsky SBP-2 Bass Preamp V2

120.00 € Sadowsky SBP-2 - Bass Preamp, bass preamp / EQ effects pedal, offers the same quality Sadowsky electronics that are built into Sadowsky basses, boost only EQ section for Bass and Treble, Bass + 18 ... Loe edasi

Tech 21 SansAmp GED-2112

538.00 € Tech 21 SansAmp GED-2112, Geddy Lee signature preamp, dual, all-analog SansAmp circuits, drive control for gain and overdrive, Blend to adjust the ratio of SansAmp tube amp emulation and your direc... Loe edasi

Trace Elliot Multipedal TRANSIT-B

403.00 € Trace Elliot Multipedal TRANSIT-B, bass preamp, color coordinated backlit controls, passive/active switch, pre-shape switch for the classic Trace Elliot EQ curve, drive control with blend knob foot... Loe edasi

Vox VGH Bass Headphone

120.00 € Vox VGH-Bass Amplifier Headphone; Dynamic, closed-back headphones with integrated, analog bass amp technology; Direct connection to electric bass, without any additional preamplifier; Quality drive... Loe edasi

Walrus Audio Badwater

371.00 € Walrus Audio Badwater, Effect Pedal, Bass Preamp/DI with Opto-Compressor, Drive and 4-band EQ, For live and studio applications, Always-on Opto-Compressor for subtle or sound colouring applications... Loe edasi

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