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9.solutions - Angled El-Bo arm

9.solutions - Angled El-Bo arm
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9.solutions 9.VE5090 Angled El-Bo arm. The El-Bo Arm is the fundamental design behind a series of incredibly strong arti culating arms that can be used to hold lights, cameras, moni tors, musical instruments, tablets, and more.The El-Bo Arm h as an elegant locking-mechanism that makes it possible to op erate with one hand. The compression handle locking-mechanis m makes repositioning the arm quick and easy.The El-Bo Arm i s fitted with a 3/8"-16 male thread and a 5/8" pin making it capable of being connected to industry standard equipment s uch as clamps and stands. The El-Bo Arm is a perfect solutio n for mounting equipment that needs to be positioned with fi nesse or for equipment that may need to becontinually repo sitioned. Max Load: 15 kg, Connection(s): 1x 5/8" Pin with 3 /8"-16 Female Thread, 1* 3/8"-16 Male Thread, Weight: 490 g

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