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Sonor - NKS100P C# Sub-Contra Bass

Sonor - NKS100P C# Sub-Contra Bass
Hind: 551.00  
Tootekood: 137718
Tarneaeg: 1-3 nädalat (eeldatav saabumine 02.11-06.11.2020)
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Sonor NKS100P, Tone C#, Sub-Contra Bass chime bar with overt one tuning, 95 x 20mm rosewood bar (Dalbergia Stevensonii) , pinewood resonator, 5 available chime bars (C, C#, D, D# & E). All Meisterklasse KS50L, KS50P, NKS60P and NKS100P reso nator boxes feature tuning adjusters, to change the sustain and volume. Sonor developed special feet for these instrume nts, which provide optimum resonance. Recommended mallets: S CH 16, SCH 15, SCH 8 or SCH 100., Due to the used kind of ro sewood the color of the bar may vary from shown picture. Thi s instrument has been imported/manufactured before the wood that was used has been put under protection of species by t he CITES agreement and the EC Council Regulation 338/97. The instrument in question is a registered pre-convention, regi stered Einfuhrgenehmigung-Nr. E-04506/16 vom 01.09.2016 Ausf uhrgenehmigungs-Nr. GT 477-2016 vom 02.08.2016

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