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Ape Labs 10 degree lens for LightCan

18.15 € Ape Labs 10 degree lens for LightCan, With the ape labs 10 degree lens a narrow beam can be generated, combined with soft edges and very homogeneous color mixing. The 10 degree lens is screwed onto... Loe edasi

Ape Labs ApeLight mini - cover white

20.45 € Ape Labs ApeLight mini cover white. Stretch cover for ApeLight mini, colour: white

Ape Labs ApeLight mini - TUBE 360°

53.24 € Ape Labs ApeLight mini TUBE 360 °. Precise clip-on effect tube for ApeLight mini made of polycarbonate, which distributes the light of the ApeLight, mini 360 degrees over the length of the tube. A... Loe edasi

Ape Labs LightCan - Stand

11.98 € Ape Labs LightCan - Stand, Base for LightCan network operation, The charging cable (not included in delivery) is carried through the base and connected directly to the bottom of the LightCan, Produ... Loe edasi

Ape Labs Magnet Ballhead Adapter

9.56 € Ape Labs Magnet Ballhead Adapter; Swivel ball joint for ApeCoin; Ultra strong magnetic attachment; M6 thread; With the Ape Labs - Magnet Ballhead Adapter, the ApeCoin can be attached to all metalli... Loe edasi

Ape Labs Power Supply Unit 18V 1.5A

30.25 € Ape Labs Power Supply Unit 18 1.5A, This power supply unit can be used to run and charge the spot lights by ape labs. Depending on the device, more than one device can be connected to the power sup... Loe edasi

Ape Labs RemoteControl

39.93 € Ape Labs RemoteControl, The ape labs remote control is the u niversal remote for all ape labs product produced since 2014 . The remote controls uses a built in 2,4 GHz radio chip to communicate wit... Loe edasi

Ape Labs W-APP wireless Transceiver

286.00 € Ape Labs W-APP Bluetooth wireless DMX Transceiver; innovativ e control of Ape Labs products via smartphone or wireless DM X; Bluetooth interface for connecting to the smartphone (App for free in th... Loe edasi

Ape Labs WAPE Wireless DMX Transceiver

296.00 € Ape Labs W-APE Wireless DMX Transceiver, The W-APE wireless DMX transceiver is the central broadcast station to control ape labs products by wireless DMX. The device can be used in various modes: W... Loe edasi

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