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Mutable Instruments Rings

329.00 € Mutable Instruments Rings; Eurorack Module; resonator with t hree specialized models; modal resonator emulates the resona nt qualities of plates, strings, membranes, and tubes; sympa thetic strings... Loe edasi

Mutable Instruments Ripples

198.00 € Mutable Instruments Ripples; Eurorack Module; analog multimo de filter; resonace control up to self-oscillation; separate outputs for 2-pole bandpass, 2-pole lowpass, 4-pole lowpass and 4-pole lowp... Loe edasi

Mutable Instruments Shelves

232.00 € Mutable Instruments Shelves; Eurorack Modul; EQ Filter with CV control; analog 4-band Equalizer with high-shelf, low-sh elf and two parametric peak bands; frequency range per band: 20 Hz - 20 kHz; ... Loe edasi

Mutable Instruments Streams

253.00 € Mutable Instruments Streams; Eurorack Module; Dual Dynamic Gate; two channels with an analog filter and amplifier (VCFA) each; per channel 4 different modes selectable: "Envelope Mode" generates a ... Loe edasi

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