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Conny Sommer Das große Lehrbuch for Kalimba

24.20 € Conny Sommer Das große Lehrbuch for Kalimba: textbook for all 17-note Kalimbas in C major, by Conny Sommer, detailed introduction with video tutorials, 70 pieces specially arranged for Kalimba wit... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Das Handpanbuch

30.01 € Edition Dux Das Handpanbuch: school for Handpan, by Daniel Giordani, for beginners and slightly advanced players, ISBN 9783868493504, ISMN 9790500175230, D 910, A4, spiral binding, 114 pages, incl.... Loe edasi

Hage Musikverlag Handpan - Learning by Playing

39.93 € Hage Musikverlag Handpan – Learning by Playing: method for beginners and advanced players, applicable for all moods, applicable for handpans with different tonal numbers, also suitable for similar... Loe edasi

Hage Musikverlag Lillis Glockenspiel-Schule

24.08 € Hage Musikverlag Lillis Glockenspiel-Schule, Lillis Glockenspiel-Schule, By Barbara Hintermeier and Birgit Baude: Learn to play the glockenspiel with CD, For little musicians beginning at the age o... Loe edasi

Kösel-Verlag Klangschalen Spielen Lernen

21.78 € Kösel Verlag, Singing Bowlsn Mit Allen Sinnen Spielen Und Lernen, By Peter Hess: How to learn and play the singing bowl with all senses, "This is the way to be in harmony with yourself", For child... Loe edasi

Leu Verlag Weitzel Pauke Lernen

23.96 € Leu Verlag Weitzel Pauke Lernen, Pauke Lernen, Learn Timpani, A Modern Method For Beginners, By Arend Weitzel: 50 exercises divided in preliminary and main exercises, 1 recital piece, 10 piano part... Loe edasi

LeuWa-Verlag Boomwhackers in Concert

23.72 € LeuWa-Verlag Boomwhackers in Concert, by Andreas von Hoff, In a few understandable fonts to the gig! With Boomwhackers in concert class music-making is a breeze, quick and easy, children of grade l... Loe edasi

Zimmermann Verlag Hauptsache Mallets

35.70 € Zimmermann Verlag Hauptsache Mallets: exercise book on two and four mallet techniques for mallets, by Peter Sadlo, ISBN 9783940105431, ISMN 9790010802886, ZM 80288, DIN A4, 72 pages, in German lang... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Percussion ABC

24.14 € Voggenreiter Percussion ABC: percussion method on a variety of rhythms, by Andreas Kohlmann, in standard notation, medium level of difficulty, ISBN 9783802401909, A4, 160 pages, in German language

Voggenreiter Voggy's Glockenspielschule

18.09 € Voggenreiter Voggy's Glockenspielschule: for children from 6 years; for diatonic Glockenspiel; sheet music in color repr esentation for easy recognition, ISBN 9783802404276, A5 land scape format, 8... Loe edasi

Volonte & Co Handpan The Complete Manual

27.77 € Volonte Publications Handpan The Complete, by Loris Lombardo, The book contains basic techniques to reach an advanced level. The enclosed DVD contains a video for each exercise,in both a slow and a... Loe edasi

Ökotopia Spielvertrieb Klingen, spüren, schwingen

30.25 € Ökotopia Spielvertrieb Klingen, spüren, schwingen: Practical book for the use of the singing bowl in kindergarten and elementary school, by Beate van Dülmen, child-friendly games,physical exerci... Loe edasi

Ökotopia Verlag Achtsame Klangschalen-Spiele

21.78 € Ökotopia Verlag Achtsame Singing Bowlsn-Spiele: singing bowl games for daycare and primary school, by Tanja Draxler-Zenz, promotes calm and relaxation, ISBN 9783867023580, format 21 x 27 cm, 86 pa... Loe edasi

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