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Tama - STAR Drum Walnut Stand. SNM

Tama - STAR Drum Walnut Stand. SNM
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Tootekood: 465284
Tarneaeg: 1-3 nädalat (Eeldatav saabumine 23.09 - 27.09.19)
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Tama STAR Drum Walnut, Standard Shell Set, Colour: Smoky Natural Mist (SNM), shell set containing 22"x16" Bass Drum (Bass Drum Hoops in Set color), 10"x07" Tom Tom, 12"x08" Tom Tom, 16"x16" Floor tom, Chrome shell hardware, all shells feature Walnut wood in 5 mm with 6ply for TT/FT and 6mm - 7ply for BD, Star Drums feature a specially bearing edge shape with a 3.5mm peak position from the shell's to the outer surface and improve the best Contact between the drumhead and shells, the bearing edges and insides of all STAR drum shells are meticulously hand finished with oil for a luxurious look, Star drums feature the brand new mounting concept Super Resonant Mounting System in combination with the new "Quick-Lock" tom brackets equipped on the Super Resonant Mounting System, Floor Tom legs with soft rubber construction, Bass Drum Spurs with high-mass rubber and a unique 2-piece rubber-sike construction, Shell Hardwareparts and Bass Drumclaws with Minimum Shell Contact, Star Drums feature die-cast zinc hoops, Remo Coated Ambassador on Tom Toms & Floor Toms for Batter Side / Remo Clear Ambassador for Bottom Side, Remo Coated Powerstroke 3 on Bass Drum for Batter Side / Remo Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 Diplomat for Front Side,

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