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Neutrik DIE-R-BNC-PG Crimp Interior

163.00 € Neutrik DIE-R-BNC-PG Crimp Interior, for frame HX-R-BNC (185271) for Connectors: NBNC75BFG 7, NBNC75BLP 7, Neutrik NBNC75BLP9, Neutrik NBNC75NBIJ9, Neutrik NBNC75PFE 7, Neutrik NBNC75PNS7

Neutrik DIE-R-BNC-PU Crimp Insert

169.00 € Neutrik DIE-R-BNC-PU Crimp Insert, for frame HX-R-BNC (185271) Pin-Crimpung: 1.6 mm Schirm und Mantel: HEX crimp 6.47 mm (A), 7.36 mm (B)

Neutrik DIE-R-BNCX-PDG Crimp Interior

173.00 € Neutrik DIE-R-BNC-PG Crimp Interior, for frame HX-R-BNC (185271) for Connectors:NBNC75BLP9X, NBNC75BJP9X, NBNC75BLP7X, NBNC75BDD6X, NBNC75BFG7X.

Neutrik HTAC

18.15 € Neutrik HTAC, Hand tool for tightening the bushing of the Power Twist TRUE1

Neutrik HTXP

64.13 € Neutrik HTXP, tool to assemble XLR XX-Series and Plug PX-Series.

Neutrik HXR - BNC Crimp Pliers

155.00 € Neutrik HXR - BNC Crimp pliers, without inner sleeve, to be used with articles 185274, 185275

Neutrik LRX

2.89 € Neutrik LRX, conversion kit for the right-angled, 4-pole Speaker Twist SPX, cable connectors, for modification of a straight plug into a angle plug

Neutrik MFD

0.97 € Neutrik MFD, The fixing plate with M3 thread offers efficient and ease mounting of all D-sized chassis connectors by M3 screws.

Neutrik NA-Housing

11.98 € Neutrik NA-Housing, Extrusion profile set including screws, black plated, for combination with all D Shape connectors


64.13 € Neutrík NADITBNC-F - AES/EBU BNC adapter,, Female chassis XLR 110 Ohms input - female BNC 75 Ohms output. Interface balanced and coaxial lines.


54.45 € Neutrík NADITBNC-M - AES/EBU BNC adapter, Female BNC 75 Ohms input - male chassis XLR 110 Ohms output. Interface balanced and coaxial lines.

Neutrik NDF

1.60 € Neutrik NDF, dummyPLUG NDF for Neutrik XLR build in connectors female

Neutrik NDJ

1.60 € Neutrik NDJ, dummyPLUG NDF for Neutrik jack build in connectors female

Neutrik NDL

1.60 € Neutrik NDL, dummyPLUG NDL for Neutrik Speaker Twist and Power Twist Chassis Sockets

Neutrik NDM

1.60 € Neutrik NDM, dummyPLUG NDM for Neutrik XLR build in connectors male

Neutrik NDO

1.60 € Neutrik NDO, dummyPLUG NDO for Neutrik opticalCON connectors female

Neutrik NDP

1.60 € Neutrik NDP, dummy PLUG NDP for Neutrik RCA sockets enables

Neutrik NL Faston

0.46 € Neutrik NL Faston, Faston Locking with 'Positive lock', Flat Tabs to Fit 4.75 x 0.51 mm (0.187 x 0.02 in), Compatible with AMP

Neutrik NPPA-NB

15.61 € Neutrik NPPA-NB, NPPA-TT normalling bar emergency kit, allows to change normalling of all 48 channels, 100 pc

Neutrik NRJ-NUT-B

1.60 € Neutrik NRJ-NUT-B 10 Pack, for NSJ12HH-1 and NSJ12HF-1, diameter 10mm, 10pc

Neutrik NSBL13 IN

5.97 € Neutrik NSBL13 IN, Stage box Channel iMarker strip 13-16

Neutrik NSBL9 IN

5.97 € Neutrik NSBL9 IN, Stage box Channel iMarker strip 9-12

Neutrik Plastite A-Screw-1-8

13.19 € Neutrik Plastite A-Screw-1-8, black self tapping screw 2.9 x 1.06 tri-rondular configuration, 8 mm long, panhead, 100 pieces

Neutrik Rean NYS 323 G

2.62 € Neutrik Rean NYS 323 G, DIN cableplug, 7-pin, golden pins, made by Rean (REAN is a registerd trademark of Neutrik AG), max. cable diameter 5mm

Neutrik Rubber Cab Cable

2.76 € Neutrik Rubber Cab Cable, rubber cap for XLR & etherCON cable connectors, with cable attachment loop

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