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Alfred Music Publishing - Speed Guitar

Alfred Music Publishing - Speed Guitar
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Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Speed Guitar, by German Schauss's, German "Lightspeeder" Schauss, recognized all over the globe as one of the world's fastest guitarists, takes you through the process, Learn to warm up properly and practice alternate picking using melodic patterns across all the strings over the full fretboard of the guitar, In notation and tabulature, Intermediate level, with Online Audio & Video (for free), ISBN 9781470629816, ALF 00-44775, DIN A 4, English language, From the Content: A Major Coordination Exercises, Chromatic Alternate-Picking Exercises, Chromatic String Skipping Runs, Basic Picking Speed,Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scale Forms, Intervallic Patterns, The A Minor Pentatonic Scale, Four-Note-per-String Chromatic Lines, Creating a Roadmap on the Fretboard, Octaves, Dancing Fingers, Chromatic Triplet Runs, Applying the Melodic Devices, and more

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