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Laserworld - ShowNET + Showeditor Software

Laserworld - ShowNET + Showeditor Software
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Laserworld ShowNET Interface incl. Showeditor Lasershow Soft ware Set, Software-SD-Card, incl. Interface, ILDA-Lasersoftw are Showeditor 2015 inclusive Laserworld ShowNet Network-Int erface, Laserworld Showeditor 2015 is Laserworld´s all-in-on elaser show control software which comes with many easy-to-u se features for beginners as well as for professionals. It f eatures intuitive creation of timeline based laser shows and ready-to-go live laser shows with simple operation and comma nds. The software includes 100 free laser shows and pre-conf igured MIDI profiles for immediate start. ILDA (*.ild) files can be exported and imported, allowing an uncomplicated exc hange between different software products. Laserworld Showed itor 2015 also supports DMX input and output: It can be remo te controlled through a DMX controller and it can control li ghting fixtures of any kind. Enhanced MIDI features grant th e creation of own profiles and the compatibility with SMPTEt imecode signals, which makes it suitable for professional mu ltimedia applications. Because of the Figure Editor even las er show beginners succeed in creating own figures, logos and running or morphing texts. Professional users benefit from advanced features, like the abstracts generator, color adap tion and versatile optimization tools. The ShowNET network i nterface reads micro-SD-cards, on which *.ild files can be s tored. The files can then either be automatically played bac k or individually triggered through DMX. Laserworld Showedit or comes as complete package, including the software, the Sh owNET LAN-to-ILDA interface

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