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u-he Colour Copy

79.87 € u-he Colour Copy (ESD); delay plugin; simulation of an anlogue bucket brigade delay; enables smooth pitch and phasing effects; Colour morphing with saturation for non-linear effects such as distort... Loe edasi

u-he Presswerk

142.00 € u-he Presswerk (ESD); compressor plugin; variable high end compressor for all applications; three different methods of signal detection; adjustable compression curve and envelope; parallel compress... Loe edasi

u-he Satin

147.00 € u-he Satin (ESD); tape saturation plugin; mix-and-match emulation spans all major historical developments in tape technology; control multiple instances from one panel - 'glue' multiple tracks toge... Loe edasi

u-he Twangström

78.66 € u-he Twangström (ESD); Spring Reverb Plug in; realistic simulation of the three most used reverb tanks; "Drive" and "Tone" stages as well as a flexible filter section (pre / post switchable) for c... Loe edasi

u-he Uhbik

163.00 € u-he Uhbik (ESD); plugin bundle; collection of nine studio effects for creative sound design; Uhbik-A: ambience & reverb; Uhbik-D: delay; Uhbik-F: flanger; Uhbik-G: granular pitch shifter; Uhbi... Loe edasi

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