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Leapwing Audio CenterOne

212.00 € Leapwing Audio CenterOne (ESD); stereo manipulation plugin; split a stereo source into LCR signals that can be used on separate busses inside the DAW; LCR channels each with volume control and mute... Loe edasi

Leapwing Audio DynOne

212.00 € Leapwing Audio DynOne (ESD); multiband dynamics plugin; newly developed 5 band compressor / expander; fixed crossovers at 160Hz, 800Hz, 4kHz and 11kHz; custom designed filters to avoid phase alignm... Loe edasi

Leapwing Audio StageOne

212.00 € Leapwing Audio StageOne (ESD); spatial manipulation plugin; enables to manipulate the spatiality and the stereo image of mono and stereo audio sources; Width enhances the spatial effect of the side... Loe edasi

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