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AMS Neve 8804 Faderpack

1336.00 € AMS Neve 8804 Fader Unit with Recall, Rack Mount or Table To p (optional side trims available), 8804 features 16 long thr ow channel faders with associated mute switches and two long throw output f... Loe edasi

Apogee Control

275.00 € Apogee Control; Hardware remote; for the Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt, Element and Symphony Series; 8 programmable buttons; big knob for various settings; connection via USB Cable (not incl.) to the... Loe edasi

Bricasti Design M10

2355.00 € Bricasti Design M10, Model 10 remote console is a dedicated hardware remote controller for use with the M7 stereo reverb processor. Following the same design criteria as the M7, the M10 casing is m... Loe edasi

KS Digital KSD-RC

934.00 € KS Digital KSD-RC; Remote Control for KS Digital Monitors (from 10/2017); set-up adjustment: delay and filter adjustable; volume dB-precise adjustable via volume knob; mute and DIM function; for A-... Loe edasi

Loupedeck +

264.00 € Loupedeck +; control console; supports photo and video editing workflows; ergonomic design and user-friendly interface; ready-made layouts for various software products; 13 fine resolution knobs (t... Loe edasi

Loupedeck CT

518.00 € Loupedeck CT; Control panel for streamers and content creators; Compatible with keyboard, mouse, editing and streaming tools; Compact, ideal for all desktop setups and even on the go; Unlimited cus... Loe edasi

Loupedeck Live

275.00 € Loupedeck Live; Control panel for streamers and content creators; Compatible with keyboard, mouse, editing and streaming tools; Compact, ideal for all desktop setups and even on the go; Unlimited c... Loe edasi


152.00 € RME ARC USB, remote control, easy operation of the totalmix fx software; control of the dsp-based routing and effects section; usb or remote interface (stand-alone operation); 15 illuminated functi... Loe edasi

RME MRC Multi Remote Control

42.35 € RME MRC Multi Remote Control; infrared remote control for RME ADI-2 DAC; Functions: Power On/Off, Volume Control Balance (L/R) Adjustments, EQ On/Off, Bass/Treble Adjustments, Loudness On/Off, Mute... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-10

59.29 € Tascam RC-10, Wireless/wired remote control for Tascam DR-40 and other Tascam portable audio recorders, 6 buttons for transport control and setting marks while recording, 4 function buttons to cont... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-1F

45.98 € Tascam RC-1F; non-locking footswitch (pushbutton); non-slip rubber surface; durable cast material; polarity switch for normally open and normally closed Contact; connection cable 1.80 m 6.3 mm jack... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-20

232.00 € Tascam RC-20, Remote Control for CD-500/CD-500B and other supported Tascam-Units, 20 Buttons to control Track, Program Steps and Playlist, STOP/LOAD-Button, Connected-LED, Space for labelling strip... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-3F

78.66 € Tascam RC-3F, Footswitch with three pedals, controls certain Tascam-Products (for example GB-10, LR-10), functions are s et by the controlling device, battery-status on the bottom, 2,5 mm jack (3 p... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-900

1028.00 € Tascam RC-900; Remote Control for HS-4000/HS-2000/HS-2, CD-9010/9010CF, CD-6010, SS-R200/SS-CDR200, SS-R250N and SS-RCDR250N; Aluminium Jog Wheel; Transport Keys with LED Displays; numeric Keypad f... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-SS150

455.00 € Tascam RC-SS150; Remote Control for Tascam SS-R250N and CDR250N; 12 flash play buttons; Color LCD with brightness control; Color display shows file name, time count, level meter, and other operatio... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-SS20

1058.00 € Tascam RC-SS20, Remote control for SS-R1, SS-CDR1 and HD-R1, 20 Illuminated Buttons, Supports Flash Play Mode on SS-R1, SS-CDR1, Load/Stop Button, End Of Material indicator lights when end of track... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-W100-R86

163.00 € Tascam RC-W100-R86; wall-mountable programmable control module for switching between four or eight audio sources of a compatible, permanently installed audio system; four switch buttons plus a rota... Loe edasi

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