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Roli Block Seaboard

286.00 € Roli Block Seaboard, multi-award winning seaboard interface with soft and pressure sensitive surface; 5d touch technology: touch, press, slide, slide, lift; 24 keywaves, two octaves playing surface... Loe edasi

Roli Seaboard Rise 25

707.00 € Roli Seaboard Rise 25, USB MIDI-Controller with 25 Keywaves keys/pads, combines the intimacy of acoustic instruments with the versatility of electronic music, new dimensions of touch interaction, u... Loe edasi

Roli Songmaker Kit

518.00 € Roli Songmaker Kit; Bundle contains three Roli Blocks (iPhone or iPad is needed): Seaboard Block with 24 Keywaves (item number: 416020), illuminated Lightpad M playing surface (item number: 424626)... Loe edasi

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