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Schlagwerk SH10 Shake Hands

27.71 € Schlagwerk SH10 Shake Hands, Glove included Shaker Elements, two Maracas Shakers and one Shake Tube, featuring playing different Percussion Instruments at the same time,

Schlagwerk SK25 Long Short Shaker

16.82 € Schlagwerk SK25 Long Short Shaker, Size: 7 x 7 cm, multi-chamber-system, different chamber sizes, Thanks to the varying lengths of the chambers inside the shaker and depending on how it is held, sh... Loe edasi

Schlagwerk SK30 Shorty Shaker

17.43 € Schlagwerk SK30 Shorty Shaker, Design: untreated wood - Black Eyes-veneer, 4.5 x 10.5 cm, two-chamber system, (price per unit), The Shorty Shaker not only has an interesting design, it also produce... Loe edasi

Schlagwerk SK35 Mezzo Shaker

19.97 € Schlagwerk SK35 Mezzo Shaker, Design: untreated wood - Black Eyes-veneer, 4.5 x 14.5 cm, two-chamber system, (price per unit), The new SK 35 completes our range of shakers. Its name, Mezzo Shaker, ... Loe edasi

Schlagwerk SK40 Double Shaker

21.18 € Schlagwerk SK40 Double Shaker - This absolutely professional wooden shaker is great for just about every situation. Two fill-chambers allow for diverse playing possibilities and the multi-chamber s... Loe edasi

Schlagwerk SK50 Groovy Shaker Natural

15.13 € Schlagwerk SK50 Groovy Shaker - Made of various untreated precious woods this small, light precision shaker is highly durable and combines all the desired features of a shaker with the playing scop... Loe edasi

Schlagwerk SKSET1 Basic Shakers

56.27 € Schlagwerk SKSET1 Basic Shaker Set - SK 30 + SK 35 + SK 40. Manufactured from untreated wood with black eyes veneer. Every percussionist should have this set as a part of his/her equipment.

Sela SE 108 Mini Cajon Shaker Set

20.45 € Sela SE 108 Mini Cajon Shaker Set, soft - medium - hard, percussive sound, body: maple, colours. red / green / blue, sizes: ca. 6 x 4 x 3,8 cm

Sela Tac Tic 3in1 Percussion Tool

59.29 € Sela Tac Tic 3in1 Percussion Tool, SE 055, The ultimate 3in1 Multi-Percussion-Tool, Two wooden high speed castanets, Adjustable brass jingles with mute function, Dual chamber shaker with different ... Loe edasi

Sonor ASS Acryl Shaker Small

29.65 € Sonor ASS, Acrylic Shaker small, Length 5", Light weight, excellent sound quality and a comfortable playing feel are the main features of the new Acrylic Shakers,

Sonor Color Edition Shaker small

15.61 € Sonor Color Edition Shaker, Sonor Days 2014 Model, colour: red with black end caps, compact aluminum shaker with dark sound character, Length: 7cm, lacquered

Sonor FSB Fiberglass Shekere Black

166.00 € Sonor FSB fiberglass shekere, colour soft black, adjustable tension of the beads, clear defined tone with great projection

Sonor LRMS-L Round Metal Shaker

37.63 € Sonor LRMS-L Round Metal Shaker, Large

Sonor LRMS-S Round Metal Shaker

27.59 € Sonor LRMS-S, Round Metal Shaker, Small, Metal Shakers have a more cutting sound due to their metal construction.

Sonor LSMS-M

32.55 € Sonor LSMS-M Square Metal Shaker, Medium

Sonor RB Joggle Bear

11.98 € Sonor RB Joggle-Bear, description wooden body, height 62 mm, diameter 35 mm, The hearing experience for all children aged 2-6 years. Toy Sound products are manufactured from the highest quality mat... Loe edasi

Sonor RS Joggle Pig

11.98 € Sonor RS Joggle-Pig, The hearing experience for all children aged 2-6 years. Toy Sound products are manufactured from the highest quality materials which create a positive first impression and help... Loe edasi

Studio 49 SH 2 Shaker Set

18.76 € Studio 49 SH 2 Shaker Set, Shaker Set with two shakers, manu factured in Germany, each 10 cm long, with bright and dark s ound

Studio 49 SH 3 Shaker Set

16.34 € Studio 49 SH 3 Shaker Set - three shakers with three different sounds. Made in Germany.

Terre EGG Shaker Rattan -257

7.26 € Terre Egg Shaker, Model -257, Egg Shaker in Rattan. mid Size Versiion,10cm Diameter,

Terre Shaker Coconut - 453

6.66 € Terre Shaker, Model -453, Shaker from Coconut, Ball, 6cm Diameter, heavy Sound, Steelball Fillup,

Thomann Cajon Mini Shaker

5.15 € Thomann Cajon Mini Shaker, Woodshaker in Cajon Design, filled with Steelballs, dimmensions: 6cm x 4cm x 4cm, warm round smooth Shakersound

Thomann Egg Shaker www.thomann.de

1.53 € Thomann Egg Shaker, Color Black, Silver Print, www.thomann.de / Music is our passion /,

Thomann Percussion Starter Set

163.00 € Thomann Percussion Starter Set, Complete Set, the School- bzw. Kindergarten Starter Pack, containing: ROCKBAG RB22781 DUAL PERCUSSION BAG (order code 176628), MILLENIUM AF200 CABASA (order code 159... Loe edasi

Thomann TKP Color Shaker high/yellow

5.67 € Thomann Kids Percussion Color Shaker high/yellow, beech, diameter 35mm, length 60mm, made in Germany, piece

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