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Istanbul Mehmet 18" Black Bell China

242.00 € Istanbul Mehmet 18" Black Bell China, Traditional finish, Matierial: B20 bronce alloy, unlathed bell outer playing surface, unlathed bell retains a metallic darkness, lathed and hand hammered playi... Loe edasi

Istanbul Mehmet 18" China Samatya Series

242.00 € Istanbul Mehmet Samatya 18" China, SACH18, Modern, brilliant, fast, power sound for Pop&Rock music

Istanbul Mehmet 18" China Turk Series

232.00 € Istanbul Mehmet 18" China, Turk Series, CHT18, 18" China Cymbal, Very low pitched, ideal for accents and trashy ride sound, the Turk series are Unlathed cymbals with a raw surface, meant for drumme... Loe edasi

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