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Zildjian 16" A-Custom Medium Crash

286.00 € Zildjian 16" A-Custom Medium Crash Cymbal - brilliant finish, the heaviest of all A-Custom crashes. Sharp, cutting attack with a high pitched cymbal sound, yet shimmering with brilliance and musica... Loe edasi

Zildjian 16" A-Custom Projection Crash

264.00 € Zildjian A-Custom 16" Projection Crash Cymbal - more power and body with a stronger high end. Brilliant finish.

Zildjian 16" A-Series Fast Crash

253.00 € Zildjian A-Series 16" Fast Crash, Regular Finish, Fast, bright, lively. Very responsive.

Zildjian 16" A-Series Heavy Crash

271.00 € Zildjian 16" A-Series Heavy Crash, B20, brilliant finish, 16" Crash cymbal, with power and volume while remaining extremely musical

Zildjian 16" A-Series Medium Crash

246.00 € Zildjian A-Series 16" Medium Crash, Regular Finish, Higher-pitched. Full bodied.

Zildjian 16" A-Series Medium Thin Crash

245.00 € Zildjian A-Series 16" Medium Thin Crash, Regular Finish, Fast, bright and responsive, medium-sized bell for even balance between attack and sustain, light weight for utmost in response and wash

Zildjian 16" A-Series Rock Crash

275.00 € Zildjian A-Series 16" Rock Crash, Regular Finish, Sensitive response. Clear and fast.

Zildjian 16" A-Series Thin Crash

255.00 € Zildjian A-Series 16" Thin Crash, Regular Finish, Fast, bright, lively. Very responsive.

Zildjian 16" Classic Orch. Sel. Susp.

314.00 € Zildjian 16" Classic Orchestral Selection - Suspended, medium thin, allows more projection for crescendos and produce a rich orchestra sound with a full combination of high and low overtones, Tradi... Loe edasi

Zildjian 16" I Family Crash medium-thin

120.00 € Zildjian 16" I Family Crash medium-thin Traditional Finish, Material: B8 Bronze, bright and fast sound that is great for any musical application

Zildjian 16" K Constantinople Crash

414.00 € Zildjian 16" K Constantinople Series Crash, sound: dark, warm, lush; gorgeous, Traditional Finish, recreating the classic "old K" sound with the same dry overtones and smooth decay similar to the R... Loe edasi

Zildjian 16" K Custom Special Dry Crash

339.00 € Zildjian 16" K Custom Special Dry Crash, Natural Finish, dark and earthy sounds with short sustain, remastered original dry cymbal for today’s modern musical styles

Zildjian 16" K Sweet Crash

339.00 € Zildjian 16" K Sweet Crash, dark and fast sounding cymbal, "random hammering", warm and rich sound

Zildjian 16" K-Custom Dark Crash

361.00 € Zildjian K-Custom 16" Dark Crash - unique crash with dry, trashy overtones. Fast response with very quick decay. Very dark and full-bodied. Regular finish.

Zildjian 16" K-Custom Fast Crash

325.00 € Zildjian 16" K-Custom Fast Crash - new bell design, faster decay and quicker response than regular K-Custom crashes. Brilliant finish.

Zildjian 16" K-Custom Hybrid Crash

329.00 € Zildjian K-Custom 16" Hybrid Crash Cymbal - designed with Akira Jimbo to combine darkness and brilliance. Thin crashes and splashes to project like heavier cymbals due to the un-lathed bell. Finish... Loe edasi

Zildjian 16" K-Custom Session Crash

318.00 € Zildjian K-Custom 16" Session Crash Cymbal - designed with Steve Gadd. Low dark sound with a quick decay, his favourite crash sound. Regular finish.

Zildjian 16" K-Series Cluster Crash

315.00 € Zildjian 16" K-Series Cluster Crash, extra-thin, dark, funky, and trashy, traditional K style hammering technique with additional "cluster" hammer marks generating a "dirty" sound, unlathed bell fo... Loe edasi

Zildjian 16" K-Series Dark Crash Medium

318.00 € Zildjian K-Series 16" Dark Crash Medium Thin, Regular Finish, Dark and warm Tone, but with stronger high-end qualities.

Zildjian 16" K-Series Dark Crash Thin

317.00 € Zildjian K-Series 16" Dark Crash Thin, Regular Finish, Dark, warm, low-pitched crash. Fast decay. Complex, full-bodied. Very musical.

Zildjian 16" K-Series EFX

318.00 € Zildjian 16" K-Series EFX Cymbal, K0890, Regular finish, B20 bronze alloy, this special effects crash cymbal has a unique set of laser generated "cut outs" that allow it to produce a faster, dry, d... Loe edasi

Zildjian 16" K' Constantinople Susp.

430.00 € Zildjian 16" K' Constantinople - Suspended, thin to medium-thin with a flat profile for immediate response, long sustain, and dark, low-pitched, warm K Zildjian characteristics, Traditional Finish,... Loe edasi

Zildjian 16" Low Volume Crash

131.00 € Zildjian 16" Low Volume Crash, fewer high frequencies and is up to 80% quieter than a traditional cymbals, ideal for durmmers who want authentic feel combined with low volume practice, perfect for ... Loe edasi

Zildjian 16" Planet Z Crash

66.55 € Zildjian 16" Planet Z Crash, Regular Finish, Material: brass, your entry to the Zildjian cymbal world, made in U.S.A.,

Zildjian 16" S Series Medium Thin Crash

152.00 € Zildjian 16" S Series Medium Thin Crash, B12 bronze alloy, (88% copper, 12% tin), brilliant finish, bright and shimmering tone with sonic response throughout all dynamic ranges, sounding and lookin... Loe edasi

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