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Sennheiser - ew 500 G4 Ci1 BW Band

Sennheiser - ew 500 G4 Ci1 BW Band
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Sennheiser ew 500 G4 Ci1 BW Band, UHF Wireless System with S K 500 G4 pocket transmitter, Ci1 Guitar/Bass Cable, EM 300-5 00 G4 9,5" receiver, 72 MHz bandwidth, 20 banks with each up to 32 presets, up to 32 compatible channels, remote control and frequency management via RJ45 network connector and WSM software (Wireless System Manager), audio frequency range 2 5 - 18.000 Hz, infra red data and frequency transmission, po cket transmitter with charging contacts for optional BA 2015 (NiMH) rechargeable battery pack, pilottone, autotune to fi nd free frequencies, internal EQ, 60dB Audio Gain, Soundchec k-Mode, 4-segment battery level on transmitter and receiver, HDX-Compander, frequency range BW Band 626 - 698 MHz, LCD d isplay with NF and channel, switchable transmitted power 10/ 30/50mW, 2 BNC antenna connectors, XLR-male balanced and jac k unbalanced out, external powersupply 10,5 - 16 V DC, incl. GA 3 rackmount, Ci1 instrument cable, powersupply NT2 and 2 x AA-batteries, Please note: Due to every country having dif ferent regulations, you may need to Contact your local licen sing authorities before using a wireless system.

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