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K&M 14580 Pohlmann

11.98 € K&M 14580 Pohlmann, guitar playing aid, plastic clip with non-marring rubber, dimensions: 65 x 40 x 112 mm, weight: 0,075 kg, colour black

K&M 14640 Footrest Black

11.98 € K&M 14640 - foot rest for guitarists. aluminium, colour: black, min. height: 105 mm, max height: 180 mm, weight 0,3 Kg

K&M 14670 Footrest Black

13.92 € K&M 146470 - foot rest for guitarists. colour: black, min. height: 11,9 cm, max height: 26,4 cm

K&M 14670 Footrest Nickel

13.92 € K&M 146470 - foot rest for guitarists. colour: nickel, min. height: 11,9 cm, max height: 26,4 cm

K&M 14760

221.00 € K&M 14760 guitar performer stand for electric-guitar, black

K&M 14761

221.00 € K&M 14761 acoustic guitar performer stand, suitable for instrument widths from 72 to 135 mm, not recommended for guitars with nitro lacquer, weight: 3,2 kg

MBrace Stage Guitar Stand

83.50 € MBrace Stage Guitar Stand, stativ stand for most electric or acoustic guitars and basses and seval more instruments with 2 strappins (special safety with security locks - optional for example #2390... Loe edasi

Mey Chair Systems AF4R-TRG-KL2/11-38

329.00 € Mey Chair Systems AF4R-TRG-KL2/11-38 Stool with comfortable saddle-seat, with self braking castors, height adjustment by gas damper from 550 mm - 690 mm, synthetic leather seat, angle tilt adjustme... Loe edasi

Mey Chair Systems AF6-KL BK

158.00 € Mey Chair Systems AF6-KL BK Stool seat synthetic leather, seat width: 360 mm x 220 mm,, angle tilt adjustment, upholstery seat can turn by 70°, with automatic return, seat height adjustment, infi ... Loe edasi

Mey Chair Systems EFS-93 Foot Rest

108.00 € Mey Chair Systems EFS-93 Foot Rest, Non-Slip Material on Foot plate, Height and Angle can be easily adjusted by foot due to a hydraulic Gas absorber system, Quick and easy operation , Foot plate di... Loe edasi

Mey Chair Systems Rock Cube White

59.29 € Mey Chair Systems Rock Cube White - seat, stool, upholstered, wooden rack, fully assembled, dimension seat: 0,42 m x 0,42 m, height: 0,45 m, weight: 6,6 kg, design: white pattern

Millenium Foot Rest

5.67 € Millenium Foot Rest, foot rest for Guitarplayers, adjustable high with 4 grates, lenght app. 25 cm, width app: 10 cm, weight: 0,60 kg

Millenium GSP-1000

35.09 € Millenium GSP-1000, guitar performer stand for acoustic guitars, clamb for instruments with widths from 100 - 128 mm, adjustable height from 780 - 1300 mm, not recommended for guitars with nitro la... Loe edasi

Ortega Bar Stool OBS24

103.00 € Ortega Bar Stool OBS24 Bar Stool, High 61cm (24")

Ortega Bar Stool OBS30

103.00 € Ortega Bar Stool OBS30 Bar Stool, High 76cm (30")

Ortega Bar Stool OBS30 V2

108.00 € Ortega Bar Stool OBS30 V2, Bar Stool, thick padded seat, brown artificial leather, footrest, High 76cm (30")

Peterson TP-3

18.03 € Peterson TP-3 Clip-On Pickup - for use with any instrument and any tuner

Planet Waves DP0002 Pro-Winder

12.71 € Planet Waves DP0002 Pro-Winder, guitar string winder & cutter for quite all guitars, banjos and mandolines

Planet Waves DP0002B Pro Winder Bass

14.28 € Planet Waves DP0002B Pro Winder Bass Stringwinder + Cutter

Planet Waves Drill Bit PW-DBPW-01

8.41 € Planet Waves Drill Bit PW-DBPW-01, Drill Bit fits for all cordless screwdriver, for guitar and bass-guitar tuners, steel shaft

Planet Waves PWPW1

9.08 € Planet Waves PWPW1 Guitar String Winder - suitable for all guitars.

Planet Waves PWPW1B

9.08 € Planet Waves PWPW1B Bass Peg Winder - for Bass tuners

Planet Waves Varigrip

14.88 € Planet Waves Varigrip - Planet Waves introduces the ultimate conditioning tool for musicians: the Varigrip Adjustable Hand Exerciser. Designed to develop and maintain hand and finger strength, cond... Loe edasi

Rock Tips Liquid Callus Formula

15.13 € Rock-Tips Callus Formula is a specially formulated, non-toxic application for use in protecting sensitive fingertips while playing a guitar, bass or other stringed instrument. When applied to your ... Loe edasi

Rockbag Handmaster Plus

15.61 € Rockbag Handmaster Plus, hand & finger trainer, effective and worthwile muscle training for all musicians, suitable for use with left or right hand, for training of fingers, hands, arm joints a... Loe edasi

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