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Fishman - Fluence Tosin Abasi Set 8 BK

Fishman - Fluence Tosin Abasi Set 8 BK
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Tarneaeg: Tarneaeg 20 päeva alates 05.09.2019
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Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi Set 8 BK; active Pickup Set for 8-string Electric Guitar; Positions: Bridge & Neck; Constru ction: Humbucker; Output: High; Tosin Abasi Signature Set, S oapbar shape, multiple coil combinations available in conjun ction with different voices, tune magnetic circuit with pole pieces and a blade magnet combined in the neck position for authentic single coil interaction, For neck and bridge, Voi ce 1 fattens up the low midrange while adjusting the output level to Tosin’s taste, Bridge Voice 2 is bright and clean, with extremely fast and detailed top end for percussive att ack and crystalline cleans, Neck Voice 2 is a classic rock a nd hard rock tone that melts into any rig or mix with the cu tting midrange of an overwound humbucker & the glassy highs of a vintage P.A.F., the neck single coil mode offers vinta ge T-Style tones, and the bridge pickup focusing on the quac ky ST-Style position 2 & 4 tones; Wiring: Multi Pin Connecto r & Solder; Magnet Material (Bridge):Ceramic, (Neck):Alnico 5, Cover Colour: Black; Included: 2 x Volume Potis (Short S haft 9,5 mm Bushing Length), 2 x Push / Pull Tone Potis (Sho rt Shaft 9,5 mm Bushing Length), Connection Cables, Stereo J ack, Battery Clip, 2 x Capacitors (Tone control), Mounting S crews and Springs; Made in USA

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