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Tooteid kokku: 438 Kuvatud: 76-100 Leht: 4

DiMarzio DP155 WH-F-Spaced

105.00 € DiMarzio DP155 WH The Tone Zone Humbucker, F-Spaced, Bass, Mids and Treble Boosted, rich harmonics. Color white

DiMarzio DP155F BC

95.60 € DiMarzio DP155 FBC The Tone Zone Humbucker - F-spaced, high output, bass and mids boosted, rich harmonics. Colour: Zebra (creme/black).

DiMarzio DP156FBK

87.13 € DiMarzio DP156FBK Humbucker from Hell,F-Spaced, black, Humbucker w. typical Single coil sound (no noise)

DiMarzio DP158 Neck WH F-Spaced

103.00 € DiMarzio DP158 Neck WH F-Spaced, Evolution, Neck-Pickup, more Output, Color: White

DiMarzio DP158 WH

108.00 € DiMarzio DP158 Neck White, Evolution, Neck-Pickup, more Output, Color: White

DiMarzio DP159 WH F-Spaced

111.00 € DiMarzio DP 159 WH F-Spaced, Evolution Bridge-Pickup, more Output, Color: White

DiMarzio DP160 BK F-Spaced

88.34 € DiMarzio DP160 humbucker pick up, F-spaced, norton, warm and fat sounding pick up, Color black

DiMarzio DP161 BK F-Spaced

93.18 € DiMarzio DP161 F-Spaced Steve's Special Humbucker - hot, hi-gain sound. Colour: Black

DiMarzio DP163 Bluesbucker BK

95.60 € DiMarzio DP163 Bluesbucker BK, looks like a standard humbucker, but sounds like a P90 and cancels 60-cycle hum as effectively as the average humbucker, Color: Black

DiMarzio DP165 BK

90.76 € DiMarzio DP165 black The Breed Neck Pickup, Colour: Black

DiMarzio DP166 F BK Bridge

93.18 € DiMarzio DP166 F BK Breed Bridge Pickup F-Spaced (for Floyd Rose guitars) colour black

DiMarzio DP190 BK

90.76 € DiMarzio DP190 BK, Air Classic. Humbucker for neck position. Vintage PAF sound with more "dynamics" and "detail", great sustain, colour: black

DiMarzio DP191FBK

83.50 € DiMarzio DP191FBK Humbucker, F-Spaced, Air Classic, Vintage PAF Sound, more sustain because of smaller magnets - bigger dynamic, Black

DiMarzio DP192BK

87.13 € DiMarzio DP192BK Air Zone, Humbucker, black, Fat Tone Bridge Pickup, with transparent Lows

DiMarzio DP192F-BK

88.34 € DiMarzio DP192F-BK Air Zone, F-Spaced, Humbucker, black, Fat Tone Bridge Pickup, with transparent Lows

DiMarzio DP193 BC Air Norton Zebra

90.76 € DiMarzio DP193 Air Norton Humbucker - warm and fat with plenty of bite. Colour: Black/Creme

DiMarzio DP193 BC Zebra F-Spaced

87.13 € DiMarzio DP193 BC Zebra F-Spaced, F-Spaced, Air Norton/ Black/creme Humbucker . Warm and fat with plenty of "bite"

DiMarzio DP193 BK F-Spaced

90.76 € DiMarzio DP193 BK F-Spaced, Air Norton humbucker, F-spaced, warm and fat sound with plenty of 'bite', neck position, color black

DiMarzio DP193 Creme

83.50 € DiMarzio DP193 Air Norton creme Humbucker . Warm and fat with plenty of "bite"

DiMarzio DP193 WH F-Spaced

93.18 € DiMarzio DP193 WH-F Air Norton/ Black Humbucker F-Spaced, Warm and fat with plenty of "bite" for the neck position, Color: White

DiMarzio DP193BK

90.76 € DiMarzio DP193BK Air Norton/Black - normal-spaced humbucker pickup, neck position, warm and fat with plenty of bite.

DiMarzio DP200 Bridge BK

93.18 € DiMarzio DP200 Bridge BK Pickup, Humbucker Steve Morse model, bridge

DiMarzio DP200 Steve Morse Creme

95.60 € DiMarzio DP200 Steve Morse Creme, humbucker pickup for electric guitar, position: bridge, output: high (48,6 mm/1,92"), wiring: 4-conductor, DC resistance: 9,94 kOhms, magnet material: ceramic, col... Loe edasi

DiMarzio DP201BK

102.00 € DiMarzio DP201BK Al DiMeola Humbucker, Neck Position, Clean and warm,

DiMarzio DP202BK

95.60 € DiMarzio DP202BK Al DiMeola Humbucker, Bridge Position, Original PAF Sound with more Bass and High

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