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Digitech FS 3X

36.18 € Digitech FS 3 X, 3-function footswitch for Jamman Looper, Jamman Stereo and Jimi Hendrix Experience pedals, solid metal enclosure, up and down modes, passive (no power supply required). Includes 3m... Loe edasi

Dunlop Heil Talkbox Spare Tube

32.67 € Dunlop Heil Talkbox Tubing 6-1/2 foot lenght Original

EBS EBS DC2-90F Flat Daisy Chain

7.99 € EBS DC2-90F Flat Daisy Chain Cable One-To-Two, Distribute Power From One Power Supply To Two pedals, Input: 1x 2.1 mm Straight Barrel Plug, Output: 2x 2.1 mm Right Angle Barrel Plugs, Polarity: Sta... Loe edasi

EBS PL-10 Symetric Pedal Connector

7.14 € EBS metal adapter for effect pedals - straight 6.3mm jack to 6.3mm jack.

Electro Harmonix Pedalboard Cradle

22.99 € Electro Harmonix Pedalboard Cradle, secure way to mount any of the Next Step Effects pedals to a pedalboard, dimensions: 226 x 111 x 16 mm

Ernie Ball Cord/Spring Kit EB 6172

5.97 € Ernie Ball Cord and Spring Kit, EB 6172 for Ernie Ball junior models

G Lab 9V Cable DC Set

31.46 € G Lab 9V Cable DC Set, set of 8 cables each with 2 x 2.1mm barrel type plugs in the lengths 2 x 40cm, 4 x 80cm & 2 x 120cm

G Lab Adapter 2x9V/12V DC Cable

19.24 € G Lab Adapter 2x9V/12V DC cable adapter from 2x9V to 1x 12V fits for Glab PB-1/PB-2

G Lab MIDI 4x Loop

183.00 € G Lab Midi 4x Loop 4 bypass Loops, Midi thru, 4 buttons for loops’ manual on/off switching, power supply and active loop indicators, power supply 9V DC (optional not included!)

G Lab Wah Pad

82.29 € G Lab Wah Pad, to use with the G-Lab GSC, enabling switching on a wah-wah effect by placing a foot on it and switching off a wah-wah effect by removing a foot, the wah-pad should be placed beneath ... Loe edasi

GFI System Triple Switch

83.50 € GFI System Triple Switch; 3-Button Aux Switch Pedal, 3 x mom entary and normally-opened switch contacts that you can use to unlock the full potential of controls and features of yo ur pedals that h... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Footswitch Alu Topper

11.98 € Harley Benton Footswitch Alu Topper, aluminum topper for footswitch of guitar effect pedals, enlarges footswitch diameter for easier access and and "dress up" your effect pedals nicely, fits standa... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Footswitch Candy Topper Mix

5.97 € Harley Benton Footswitch Candy Topper Mix, bumpers for footswitch of guitar effect pedals, enlarges footswitch diameter for easier access and "dress up" your effect pedals nicely, fits standard foo... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Mounties

3.00 € Harley Benton Mounties - mounting plates for FX pedals. (pack of 4)

Harley Benton PowerPlant Cable Set

8.35 € Harley Benton Power Plant Cable Set - cable set for FX pedals. Includes 8x straight/angle female leads (approx. 50cm), 2x angle/straight female leads (approx. 40cm), 1x mini-jack/angle and 3x femal... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Talk Box Tube

9.56 € Harley Benton Talk Box Tube, spare plastic tube for the Harley Benton Talk Box.

Ibanez DC3N

18.15 € Ibanez DC3-N - net distributor cable for 3 devices.

Ibanez DC5-N

20.45 € Ibanez DC5 -N DC - power adapter for power distribution to 5 effect pedals.

Joyo ZGP Noise Blocker

11.98 € Joyo ZGP Noise Blocker, input power supply isolator, capable to isolate hum, noise, crosstalk and ground loop from a non-isolated power supplies and signal patches, change daisy chain power supply ... Loe edasi

Keith McMillen Batt-o-Meter

33.88 € Keith McMillen Batt-o-Meter, total control of battery status, for effect pedals/guitars/bass guitars/batteries, jsut connect the Batt-o-Meter with the jack input, hold the test button and the batte... Loe edasi

Lehle DC Filter

42.35 € Lehle DC Filter, stereo filter for filtering DC voltage components out of audio signals

Lehle MIDI Cable SGoS 0,6

21.66 € Lehle MIDI Cable SGoS 0,6 Original Cord for SGoS Pedale, with DIN- and 6,3mm Jack of Neutrik, 0,6m

Line6 Workbench

142.00 € Line 6 Workbench - Variax customisation software, includes custom VDI cable, USB cable and hardware interface, compatible with Line6 Variax JTV guitars, Line6 Variax Standard guitars, free update t... Loe edasi

Meris MIDI I/O MIDI Interface

131.00 € Meris MIDI I/O MIDI control interface, compact, pedalboard friendly MIDI I/O for upto 4 MERIS pedals, allows control of all parameters via MIDI, supports MIDI inputs and outputs from all MERIS peda... Loe edasi

Meris Preset Switch

142.00 € Meris Preset Switch, preset footswitch for Meris pedals, easily saves and accesses up to 4 presets on any Meris pedal, instantaneous preset switching, connect with a single TRS cable (included), ab... Loe edasi

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