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Anatolian 19" Crash Baris Series

238.00 € Anatolian 19" Crash, Baris Series, Brilliant Finish, the Baris Series with a clear, brilliant Tone and a bright Soundspectrum, Material B20plus,

Anatolian 19" Crash Ultimate Series

253.00 € Anatolian 19" Crash, Ultimate Series, Brilliant Finish, offers a wide range of different tonal sounds, these Series possess a warm, full bodies tone with voluminous depth, they are extremly variabl... Loe edasi

Istanbul Agop 19" Xist Crash Brilliant

221.00 € Istanbul Agop 19" Crash Cymbal, Xist Series, Brillant Finish, professional quality in B20 (80% Copper, 20" Tin), Crashes have a papery attack and a medium decay

Masterwork 19" Custom Rock Crash

193.00 € Masterwork Custom Serie, 19" Rock Crash, Traditional Surface, manufactured completely by hand in the finest Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy, The all-rounder in the range.The custom Series offers awid... Loe edasi

Meinl 19" Byzance Extra Dry T. Crash

403.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, B19EDTC, 19" Extra Dry Thin Crash, extra dry Finish, unique light weight crash with an extremely dry and low pitched sound, trashy overtones, soft response with a fast decay c... Loe edasi

Meinl 19" Byzance Med. Thin Crash B.

403.00 € Meinl Byzance Serie, 19" Medium Thin Crash, Brilliant Finish, bright and brilliant overtones with a moderate sustain that is silky, clear, material: b20 bronze, hand hammered

Meinl 19" Byzance Medium Thin Crash

403.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 19" Medium Thin Crash, Traditional Version, Byzance cymbals are completely hand made from start to finish, 80% copper + 20% tin, Made in Turkey, Traditional, warm sound in an ... Loe edasi

Meinl 19" Classics Custom Dark Crash

208.00 € Meinl Classics Custom Series, CC19DAC, 19" Dark Crash, finish: natural, B10 bronce alloy, Explosive, solid attack and response. Strong, full-bodied crash with excellent projection. for music styles... Loe edasi

Meinl 19" Classics Extreme Crash

212.00 € Meinl Classics Custom Series, Extreme Metal 19" Crash, brilliant Surface, B10 Bronze Alloy, strong attack with a cutting, metallic sound. A very powerful and resilient crash with a short sustain,

Meinl 19" Mb10 Medium Crash Brill.

295.00 € Meinl Mb10 Series, 19" Medium Crash, made out of B10 bronze alloy, extremely modern and sophisticated sound, highly polished cymbal surface, Bright, warm and well-balanced sound in a wide dynamic r... Loe edasi

Meinl 19" MB20 Heavy Crash Brilliant

420.00 € Meinl MB20 Series, 19" Heavy Crash, B20 Bronze Alloy, Hand hammered into shape, Brilliant finish, heavy cymbals for hard hitting drummers and loud music Styles, A mix of explosive power and tone fo... Loe edasi

Meinl 19" Sound Caster Custom Crash

317.00 € Meinl Sound Caster Custom Series, 19" Powerful Crash, brilliant finish results in a mirror-like surface for a brighter, richer, and more brilliant sound, B12 Bronze Alloy, Strong, penetrating attac... Loe edasi

Meinl 19" Sound Caster Fusion Powerf

317.00 € Meinl Sound Caster Fusion Series, 19" Powerful Crash, SF19PC, enhanced brightness yet retains plenty of warmth while maintaining a wide frequency, swelling attack with a long sustain, suited for po... Loe edasi

Paiste 19" 2002 Black Big Beat Cymbal

339.00 € Paiste 19" 2002 Black Big Beat Cymbal, multifunctional usable as crash or ride, CuSn8 bronce, based on 2002 series with distinctly new hammering pattern and slightly darkened, semi-matted finish,

Paiste 19" 602 Mod. Essentials Crash

510.00 € Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials Series, 19" Crash, regular finish, CuSn20 bronze alloy, bright and warm sound, quickly response, The completely handcrafted cymbals Formula 602 Modern Essential... Loe edasi

Paiste 19" Masters Dark Crash

454.00 € Paiste 19" Masters Dark Crash, 19" crash cymbal, based on the critically acclaimed Masters Dark Ride atmosphere that exudes darkness, warmth and a smoky vibe, designed in collaboration with the not... Loe edasi

Paiste 19" Reflector Heavy Full Crash

454.00 € Paiste Signature Line Reflector Series, 19" Heavy Full Crash, the sonic timbre is somewhat lower, feel a bit darker, frequency range is wider, Crashes tend to feel a bit softer and more controllabl... Loe edasi

Paiste 19" Rude Crash/Ride

351.00 € Paiste Rude Series 19" Crash/Ride Cymbal - extra heavy, loud to very loud, very bright, raw, full, earthy, energetic. Wide range, complex mix. Heavy feel, responsive, explosive crash. Versatile, ge... Loe edasi

Paiste 19" Rude Thin Crash

351.00 € Paiste Rude 19" Thin Crash, Full, dark, energetic with a brilliant broad sparkle underneath the overall cutting character. Very flexible with a wide range and a fairly complex mix. Responsive, expl... Loe edasi

Paiste 19" Rude Wild Crash

351.00 € Paiste Rude Series 19" Wild Crash Cymbal - very energetic and powerful, metallic, hissing. Fairly narrow range, fairly clean mix. Very responsive, giving feel. Very well suited for crash/ride patte... Loe edasi

Paiste 19" Signature Dark Energy MKI

550.00 € Paiste Line Series 19" Dark Energy Crash, Mark I, dark body, full frequency spectrum, brilliant, direct sensitive Attack, strong notice, balanced Sustain, this Crash combines smooth and soft qualit... Loe edasi

Paiste 2002 Classic 19" Crash

351.00 € Paiste 2002 Classic Series 19" Crash Cymbal - bright, warm, full, shimmering. Wide range, clean mix. Even, very responsive feel. Very versatile all-purpose crash. The definitive classic rock crash ... Loe edasi

Paiste 2002 Classic 19" Power Crash

351.00 € Paiste 2002 Classic Series, 19" Power Crash, Soundcharakter: warm, very loud,aggressiv, excellent Crash for hard playing Drummer. [1,90_CH]

Paiste 2002 Classic 19" Thin Crash

351.00 € Paiste 2002 Classic Series 19" Classic Thin Crash, warm, full, bright Soundspectrum,Thin Crash with a smooth Charakter [1,55_CH]

Paiste PST7 19" Crash

163.00 € Paiste PST7 19" Crash, 19" Crash Cymbal, manufactured in Switzerland, traditional Sound and Look, Material: CuSn8 Bronze, Bright, warm, Extremely versatile crash for a vast range of musical styles ... Loe edasi

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