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Shapingwaves 8-bit Games

58.08 € Shapingwaves 8-bit Games (ESD); sound library; contains more than 500 8-bit game sounds; authentic blips, explosions, hi ts, jumps, lasers, coins, power-ups, and many other sound ef fects and music... Loe edasi

Shapingwaves Alarms

45.98 € Shapingwaves Alarms (ESD); sound library; contains more than 100 sounds of alarms, beeps, buzzers, sirens etc.; construc tion kit with 100 short loops; descriptive filenames and emb edded Soundmine... Loe edasi

Shapingwaves Big Machines

45.98 € Shapingwaves Big Machines (ESD); sound library; contains 43 detailed recordings of old and rare industrial machines with character; included machine recordings: ash breaker, ash blower, coal dispat... Loe edasi

Shapingwaves Circuits

45.98 € Shapingwaves Circuits (ESD); sound library; contains 30 soun ds of static, buzz, hum and related continuous sounds of flo wing electricity in various big and small electronic devices ; descriptive ... Loe edasi

Shapingwaves Insects & Swarms

105.00 € Shapingwaves Insects & Swarms (ESD); sound library; contains 185 detailed recordings of insects like bees, flies, mosquitoes, cicadas and crickets as well as designed insect sounds; single inse... Loe edasi

Shapingwaves Piping Systems

58.08 € Shapingwaves Piping Systems (ESD); sound library; contains 46 detailed recordings of gas, water and sewage pipes; consists of close up sound effects, indoor and outdoor ambiences made in a gas cont... Loe edasi

Shapingwaves Planets

58.08 € Shapingwaves Planets (ESD); sound library; imaginary field recordings and atmospheres from distant planets; in total 40 minutes with 20 different extraterrestrial locations; different sonic perspec... Loe edasi

Shapingwaves Robot Voices

105.00 € Shapingwaves Robot Voices (ESD); sound library; contains 50 different robot characters each with 25-70 expressions; optimal for game audio and film soundtracks; 1753 samples in total; descriptive f... Loe edasi

Shapingwaves Stethoscope

33.88 € Shapingwaves Stethoscope (ESD); sound library; contains 32 s tethoscope recordings with sounds of the human body; 2 diffe rent stethoscopes; recordings of heart, lungs, bowels and bl ood vessels; d... Loe edasi

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