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Boss WL-T Wireless Transmitter

131.00 € Boss WL-T Wireless Transmitter; Spare Transmitter for the WL Series, Katana- Air and Waza-Air; providing a spare to use if your original transmitter is lost or damaged or pre-charged as a backup tr... Loe edasi

EV RE3-ACC-GC3 Guitar Cable

47.80 € EV RE3-ACC-GC3, Instrument Cable, replacement guitar cable for RE3-series bodypack transmitter, 6.3 mm jack plug to TA4F, length: 83 cm, colour: black


152.00 € EV RE3-ACC-PASP, Antenna splitter kit, 1 x 2 passive Antenna splitter Kit, includes two splitter modules and four antenna cables, black


70.18 € EV RE3-ACC-RMK2, Rack Mount Kit, rack mount kit for two receivers of the RE3 series receivers side-by-side into a 19" rack, parts included: 2 rack ears, 2 coupling plates, 2 pcs. CXUF front mount a... Loe edasi

Flyht Pro Case for 9.5" Wireless System

59.29 € Flyht Pro Case for 9.5 "Wireless System; Case for two 9.5" Wireless Systems; Slot for 2 handheld transmitters and 2 bodypack transmitters; Space for Lavalier microphones and cables, etc.; made of 3... Loe edasi

Gator Dual W

71.39 € Gator Dual W, Carry Bag for Wireless Systems, holds Shure BLX 288 and similar styles wireless systems, allows wireless system to be used while inside bag, fits receiver dimensions up to 12.1" x 5.5... Loe edasi

Gator GM-1W Wireless System Bag

39.93 € Gator GM-1W Wireless System Bag - suitable for one 9.5" wireless system with space for 1x handheld transmitter and 1x pocket receiver, space for lapel mics and cable etc., unzips on front and rear,... Loe edasi

Gator GM-1WP

108.00 € Gator GM-1WP, Wireless System Case for 1 9,5" Wireless-Systems, space for 1x handheld transmitter and 1x pocket transmitter, space for accesories., cover on front and bag, interior dimensions: 216 ... Loe edasi

Gator GM-2W

44.77 € Gator GM-2W, Wireless System Bag for two 9,5" Wireless-Systems, speace for 2x handheld transmitter and 2x pocket transmitter, space for lapel microphones and cables etc., zip on the front, padded s... Loe edasi

Gator GM-5W

44.65 € Gator GM-5W, Wireless System Bag for five 9,5" Wireless-Systems, speace for 5x handheld transmitter and 5x pocket transmitter, space for lapel microphones and cables etc., zip on the front, padded ... Loe edasi


66.55 € Gator Carry Bag for Wireless Systems, dual wireless system bag holds Shure BLX and similar styles wireless systems, fits receiver dimensions up to 12.1", holds one wireless receiver, two wireless m... Loe edasi

Gator InEar Monitoring Bag

54.45 € Gator InEar Monitoring Bag, Designed to fit most half rack wireless ‘In Ear’ personal monitoring systems, Rugged nylon exterior and heavy-duty padded interior, Storage for transmitter, earbuds, r... Loe edasi

LD Systems BP Pocket 2

10.77 € LD Systems BP Pocket 2, Neopren bag for pocket transmitter and receiver, transparent window, Velcro fastener and elastic Velcro strap, suitable for all pocket transmitters and receiver, dimensons: ... Loe edasi

LD Systems Receiver Set

137.00 € LD Systems receiver antenna set: LD SYSTEMS RECEIVER MODULE FOR ROADBOY (order code 296083), LD SYSTEMS LDRM102ANTP (order code 373071)

Minotaur SPW10 Wireless Pocket

15.73 € Minotaur SPW10 Wireless Pocket leather pouch for beltpack tr ansmitters. Great for guitarists, attaches to almost all gui tar straps with strap hole adjustment. Comes with an extra s pare leather p... Loe edasi

Neutrik CAS-NXP-T

455.00 € Neutrik CAS-NXP-T, XIRIUM PRO Europe, hard plastic case with Trolley, space for upt to 3 base units with accessories (optional)

On-Stage MA1335

9.56 € On-Stage MA1335, Wireless Transmitter Pouch, guitar strap included, neoprene pouch for belt packs up to 90 x 75 x 25 mm, two loop options, larger loop for wearing on included guitar strap or belts ... Loe edasi

Richter Transmitter Pocket Line6 TB516

66.55 € Richter Transmitter BodypackerIV- Line 6 Relay TB516G Black, custom-fit pocket for transmitter model Line 6 Relay TB516G transmitter of the G70 and G75 wireless systems, reliably mounting at the in... Loe edasi

Sennheiser EW Belt Clip

11.98 € Sennheiser EW Belt Clip - suitable for all EW bodypacks.

Sennheiser EW G3/4 Belt Clip

9.56 € Sennheiser EW G3/4 Clamp for all EW G3/4 BodyPacks example for guitar or In Ear!!!

Sennheiser KEN 2 BK

14.40 € Sennheiser KEN 2 BK - identification rings for G3 and G4 handheld transmitters, SKM 100-500 series, 10x end caps, colour black

Sennheiser Pop 1

33.88 € Sennheiser Pop 1, bag for SKP plug on transmitter with beldclip

Shure Belt Clip 44A12449

5.15 € Shure beltclip for P9R, P9RA, QLXD1, ULXD1, UR5, AD1

Shure Belt Clip 44A8035

5.15 € Shure beltclip for P3R

the box MBA120W Antenna 863 - 865 MHz

16.82 € the box MBA120W and MBA120W MKII replacement antenna 863 - 865 MHz, with thread: TNC-connector; UHF

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