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Leu Verlag 41 Drum Duets

27.71 € Leu Verlag 41 Drumm Duets. 41 Duets for Drum Set and Snare Drum, with additional preparatory exercises, by Frank Bruns. More than 420 individual exercises. 3 different levels (beginning, intermedia... Loe edasi

Leu Verlag Andy Gillmann Jazz Training

45.98 € Leu Verlag Andy Gillmann Jazz Training - jazz drums method by Andy Gilmann, suitable for beginners and advanced players, includes DVD. German language.

Leu Verlag D.Stein Modern Drumming 2

30.13 € Leu Verlag D.Stein Modern Drumming 2, Diethard Stein Modern Drumming 2, a drum school, with CD

Leu Verlag D.Stein Modern Drumming Basics

30.13 € Leu Verlag Modern Drumming Basics: drum school for beginners, 3rd edition, preliminary to volume 1, by Diethard Stein, basic exercises and basics, for children from 8 years, ISBN 3897750570, LEU 05... Loe edasi

Leu Verlag Drumgrooves der Popkultur

36.06 € Leu Verlag Drumgrooves der Popkultur: 138 grooves from 60 years of pop history, selected and compiled by Tom Schäfer, 110 drummers, presentation of the various groove classics with sample music, n... Loe edasi

Leu Verlag Grooves Only

36.06 € Leu Verlag Grooves Only, Grooves Only, 2000 Grooves for drummer, Songwriters, producers, arrangers, musicians, Marcus Böltz, Based on Basic Groove different ways of working and development phases ... Loe edasi

Leu Verlag Schlagzeug lernen

30.13 € Leu Verlag Schlagzeug lernen. Learn drums. A comprehensive basic work with CD, by Frank Bruns. For teaching with children and with adults. The book includes more than 1200 exercises and more than 1... Loe edasi

Leu Verlag Stick Trick Bible

48.16 € Leu Verlag Stick Trick Bible. Stick tricks by Ulf Winter. With this first systematic collection of tricks, Ulf Winter presents a Bible in the book in detailed photosequences and exact descriptions ... Loe edasi

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