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De Haske - 20 Etudes For Vibraphone

De Haske - 20 Etudes For Vibraphone
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De Haske 20 Etudes For Vibraphone, By Gert Bomhof and Hein de Jong: 20 etudes for Vibraphone about: Stick of the pedal, Stick muting, Independence of the left and right hand, Changing from playing chords to melody with two sticks, Independent use of the sticks in one hand: Switch over, The Mallet Meeting, Hit It (with a smooth bridge), Two hands,one mind, Just a little melody, The Mallet Monkey, The right or wrong song, Chromatism, The Mallet Mouse, How to handle your hands, Contrary Movement, The Blues Scale Blues, Thirds and Sixths, Floating' Vibes, Moving up and down, Five's the Limit, F Forever, Summer Waltz, Funny Vibes, Dampening All Over, Easy to intermediate level, ISBN 90-73252-66-0

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