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Alfred Music Publishing Modern School for Xylophone

26.56 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Modern School for Xylophone,Marimba,Vibraphone, A well graded course of study including 30 progressive etudes plus settings of Bach and Paganini violin concertos for f... Loe edasi

De Haske Schule Für Mallets 1

24.20 € De Haske Schule Für Mallets Vol. 1 by Gert Bomhof: learn to play mallets, with exercising CD

De Haske Schule Für Mallets 2

24.20 € De Haske Schule Für Mallets Vol. 2 by Gert Bomhof: learn to play mallets, with exercising CD

De Haske Schule für Pauken 1

20.57 € De Haske Schule für Pauken 1, By Gert Bomhof: Method for timpani Vol.1, Theory basics, Easy rhythms and accents, Damping, A4, 48 pages, DHP 0991679-401, ISBN 9789043106122, In German language only... Loe edasi

DVFM Verlag Schlaginstrumente Pauken

36.18 € DVFM Verlag Schlaginstrumente Pauken, DVfM Schulen, Schlaginstrumente Pauken,Vol.2, Percussion Instruments Timpani,by Eckhardt Keune, Contents: History,Technical details of construction,Timpani wit... Loe edasi

Hage Musikverlag Lillis Glockenspiel-Schule

24.08 € Hage Musikverlag Lillis Glockenspiel-Schule, Lillis Glockenspiel-Schule, By Barbara Hintermeier and Birgit Baude: Learn to play the glockenspiel with CD, For little musicians beginning at the age o... Loe edasi

Leu Verlag Weitzel Pauke Lernen

23.96 € Leu Verlag Weitzel Pauke Lernen, Pauke Lernen, Learn Timpani, A Modern Method For Beginners, By Arend Weitzel: 50 exercises divided in preliminary and main exercises, 1 recital piece, 10 piano part... Loe edasi

LeuWa-Verlag Boomwhackers in Concert

23.72 € LeuWa-Verlag Boomwhackers in Concert, by Andreas von Hoff, In a few understandable fonts to the gig! With Boomwhackers in concert class music-making is a breeze, quick and easy, children of grade l... Loe edasi

Zimmermann Verlag Hauptsache Mallets

35.70 € Zimmermann Verlag, Hauptsache Mallets, Exercieses for mallets,by Peter Sadlo, German language

Voggenreiter Percussion ABC

24.14 € Voggenreiter Percussion ABC: percussion method on a variety of rhythms, by Andreas Kohlmann, in standard notation, medi um level of difficulty, ISBN 9783802401909, A4, 160 pages, i n German language

Voggenreiter Voggy's Glockenspielschule

18.09 € Voggenreiter Voggy's Glockenspielschule: for children from 6 years; for diatonic Glockenspiel; sheet music in color repr esentation for easy recognition, ISBN 9783802404276, A5 land scape format, 8... Loe edasi

Volonte & Co Handpan The Complete Manual

27.77 € Volonte Publications Handpan The Complete, by Loris Lombardo, The book contains basic techniques to reach an advanced level. The enclosed DVD contains a video for each exercise,in both a slow and a... Loe edasi

Ökotopia Spielvertrieb Klingen, spüren, schwingen

24.20 € Ökotopia Spielvertrieb Klingen, spüren, schwingen: Practical book for the use of the singing bowl in kindergarten and el ementary school, by Beate van Dülmen, child-friendly games,p hysical exer... Loe edasi

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