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Schott Improvising Blues Saxophone

38.12 € Schott Improvising Blues Saxophone - an introduction to blues saxophone styles, techniques and improvisation by Nick Beston. Improvising Blues Saxophone is a practical guide for any intermediate or... Loe edasi

Schott Jazz Method A-Sax

35.70 € Schott The Jazz Method for Saxophone, By John O'Neill: Revised edition for Alto Saxophone, Technique,Style,Improvisation, Step-by-step guidance, Pieces and tunes especially written for this series,... Loe edasi

Schott Jazzmethode A-Sax

35.70 € Schott The Jazz method for Saxophone: for Alto/Baritone Saxophone; with CD; Learn the most important Jazz styles and rhythmes; written by John O´Neill; in German language

Schott Saxophon Sound

31.46 € Schott Saxophon Sound - basics & special effects for all saxophones by Dirk Juchem. Breathing, finger training, chords and scales, phrasing and vibrato. Includes CD. German edition.

Schott Saxophon Spielen Hobby A-Sax 2

31.46 € Schott Saxophone spielen mein schönstes Hobby.Bd.2 for Alto Sax.A modern scholl for beginners Vol.2.With Cd.(german)

Schott Saxophone Sight Reading 1

21.18 € Schott, Saxophone Sight Reading 1: An approach based on self-learning and recognition of rhythmic and melodic patterns, Original tunes rather than abstract sight-reading exercises, 154 carefully gr... Loe edasi

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