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K&M 149/1 Bass Trombone Stand

113.00 € K&M 149/1 Bass Trombone Stand, sturdy die-cast base, two-section tubular extension, wooden peg with felt pads, foldable legs, Wt: 2.2 kg, H: 650/1140 mm, color: black

K&M 149/9 Trombone Stand Black

47.19 € K&M 149/9 Trombone Stand, black, stable construction, sturdy two-section tubing, wide, flat tripod base, adjustable plastic peg, easy height-adjustment with smooth clamp assembly, compact, easy... Loe edasi

K&M 14985 Trombone Stand

30.25 € KM 14985 trombone stand - fibreglass reinforced plastic base, folding legs, adjustable plastic peg, non marring coating, height adjustment mechanism. Weight: 1.1kg. Height: 600-900mm. Color: Black,... Loe edasi

K&M 15270 Trombone Stand

75.03 € K&M 15270 Trombone stands black - Infinitely variable vertical adjustment. Black plastic cone with felt additions. Folds up compactly for transporting within the horn of the instrument. Patent-... Loe edasi

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