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Visual productions Cuelux Lighting Software

375.00 € Visual productions Cuelux Software Lighting Control for PC & Mac – suitable for moving heads, dimmers and other generics. The cuelist system in Cuelux, used for programming light sequences, is... Loe edasi

Visual productions LPU-1 Cuety iPad Control

281.00 € Visual productions LPU - 1 Cuety iPad Control, Cuety iPad Control is a user-friendly and cost-effective software for your iPad or iPhone (pad or phone not included) . The app can be installed for f... Loe edasi

Visual productions LPU-2 Cuety

455.00 € Visual productions LPU-2 Cuety DMX Interface & Software; DMX interface can be connected and controlled with a tablet using the Cuety app (iPad / Android) via Ethernet / W-Fi; In contrast to the... Loe edasi

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