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Voxengo HarmoniEQ

68.97 € Voxengo HarmoniEQ (ESD), equalizer plugin, dynamic harmonically-enhanced EQ with seven parametric bands, realtime spectrum analysis, stereo and multi-channel processing with internal channel routin... Loe edasi

Voxengo Shinechilla

60.50 € Voxengo Shinechilla (ESD), cretive effect plugin, generate and blend 2nd, 3rd and 4th harmonics with the original dry sound, spectral saturation, spectral harmonic level control, spectral threshold... Loe edasi

Voxengo Soniformer

90.76 € Voxengo Soniformer (ESD), compressor plugin, 32-band dynamics processor with envelope-driven parameters, 32-band spectrum analyzer, stereo balance and correlation meters, multi-band panning, narrow... Loe edasi

Voxengo VariSaturator

53.24 € Voxengo VariSaturator (ESD), enhancer plugin, two-band saturation, crossover steepness switch, tubeemulation and digital "waveshaping" saturator with feedback topology, multi-channel processing wit... Loe edasi

VSL Vienna Suite

361.00 € VSL Vienna Suite Effects Plugin Bundle – audio editing from mix to mastering. Contains Convolution Reverb, Equalizer, Master Equalizer, Limiter, Compressor, Multi-band Limiter, PowerPan, Exciter a... Loe edasi

Waldorf Lector

173.00 € Waldorf Lector (ESD); vocoder plugin; virtual vocoder with up to 100 bands; analysis filter bank with adjustable frequency range; adjustable offsets and LFO modulation of synthesis filter bank; thr... Loe edasi

Wave Arts MasterVerb

120.00 € Wave Arts MasterVerb (ESD); reverb plugin; algorithmic reverb with separated sections for early reflections and reverb tail; contains the early reflection algorithms Hall, Room, Plate, Chamber, Ech... Loe edasi

Wave Arts MultiDynamics

120.00 € Wave Arts MultiDynamics (ESD); multiband dynamics plugin; offers up to six bands of compression or expander/gate with a full set of parameters; 6, 18 or 30 dB/oct crossover slope; per band and all ... Loe edasi

Wave Arts Panorama

142.00 € Wave Arts Panorama (ESD); 3d effect plugin; specialized tool for creating realistic 3-D audio scenes using regular stereo sound; position and move sound in the three dimensions left-right, up-down ... Loe edasi

Wave Arts Power Suite 5

382.00 € Wave Arts Power Suite 5 (ESD); plugin bundle; contains 5 essential effects for mixing and mastering applications; contains TrackPlug 5, MasterVerb 5, FinalPlug 5, MultiDynamics 5, Panorama 5; suppo... Loe edasi

Wave Arts TrackPlug

131.00 € Wave Arts TrackPlug (ESD); channelstrip plugin; complete toolkit with high functionality and useful details; 10-band EQ section with 11 different filter type and graphical user interfaces as well a... Loe edasi

Wave Arts Tube Saturator 2

79.87 € Wave Arts Tube Saturator 2 (ESD); tube processor plugin; accurate tube preamp simulator using circuit simulation technology; two common cathode preamp stages; switchable 12AX7 and 12AU7 tube models... Loe edasi

Waves 360° Ambisonics Tools

455.00 € Waves 360° Ambisonics Tools (Box); Ambisonics B-format headp hone based monitoring system; bundle contains B360 Ambisonic s Encoder, Nx Virtual Mix Room and Nx Head Tracker; convert mono, stereo &... Loe edasi

Waves 360° Surround Tools

487.00 € Waves 360° Surround Tools (ESD); plugin-bundle; includes 12 audio plugins for 5.1 surround mixing; contains: C360 Surround Compressor, Dorrough Stereo, Dorrough Surround, IDR360 Bit Re-Quantizer, ... Loe edasi

Waves Abbey Road Chambers

59.29 € Waves Abbey Road Chambers (ESD); reverb plugin; true-to-life capture of Abbey Road's Studio Two echo chamber, created in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios; shape effects from natural chamber re... Loe edasi

Waves Abbey Road Collection

221.00 € Waves Abbey Road Collection (ESD); plugin bundle; offers seven modeled effects, based on legendary Abbey Road Studios hardware units; contains: Abbey Road Reverb Plates, Abbey Road Vinyl, EMI TG123... Loe edasi

Waves Abbey Road Reverb Plates

83.50 € Waves Abbey Road Reverb Plates (ESD); reverb plugin; plated reverb effect based on four legendary Abbey Road reverb plates (EMT 140); supported formats: VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative / SoundGrid; sy... Loe edasi

Waves Abbey Road Studio 3

120.00 € Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (ESD); monitoring plugin; modeling of the Abbey Road Studio 3 control room’s stereo & surround soundstage for headphones; powered by Waves Nx immersive audio technolo... Loe edasi

Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain

35.09 € Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain (ESD); mastering plugin; modeled after the EMI TG12410 Transfer Console used in all Abbey Road's mastering suites; 5 modules that can be used independently; use ... Loe edasi

Waves Abbey Road Vinyl

35.09 € Waves Abbey Road Vinyl (ESD); virtual vinyl cutting machine; precise model of the original vinyl cutting and playback gear at Abbey Road Studios; acetate master and printed vinyl pressing available... Loe edasi

Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter

83.50 € Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter (ESD); exciter plugin; mod eled rare tube-powered Aphex Aural Exciter; supported format s: VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative / NKS / SoundGrid; system re quirements: Wi... Loe edasi

Waves API 2500

35.09 € Waves API 2500 (ESD); compressor plugin; modeled vintage compressor API 2500 developed in association with API; supported formats: VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative / SoundGrid; system requirements: Win... Loe edasi

Waves API 550

83.50 € Waves API 550 (ESD), equalizer plugin, modeled vintage equalizer API 550A and 550B developed in association with API, supported formats: VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative / SoundGrid; system requirement... Loe edasi

Waves API 560

83.50 € Waves API 550 (ESD); equalizer plugin; modeled vintage graphik equalizer API 560 developed in association with API; supported formats: VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative / SoundGrid; system requirements:... Loe edasi

Waves API Collection

152.00 € Waves API Collection (ESD); plugin bundle; four emulations of legendary studio tools, developed in association with API; contains: API 2500, API 550A, API 550B, API 560; supported formats: VST2 / V... Loe edasi

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