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Antares Harmony Engine Evo

212.00 € Antares Harmony Engine Evo (ESD); vocal harmonizer plugin; offers four independent formant-corrected harmony voices with independent vocal character, vibrato, level and pan settings; five channels ... Loe edasi

Antares Mic Mod EFX

126.00 € Antares Mic Mod EFX (ESD); microphone modelling plugin; contains more than 100 historical classic and exotic modelled microphones; can add the tonal character of the selected microphone model; sele... Loe edasi

Antares Mutator Evo

66.55 € Antares Mutator Evo (ESD); vocal effect plugin; variable voice effect suitable for experimental sounds; Voice Design section offers pitch shifter and throat modelling; Mutate section contains 24 di... Loe edasi

Antares Punch Evo

59.29 € Antares Punch Evo (ESD); vocal maximizer plugin; simple to use dynamics tool especially for vocal tracks; combinates compression, gain, limiting, and overload protection; Gain, Impact and Ceiling c... Loe edasi

Antares Throat Evo

88.34 € Antares Throat Evo (ESD); vocal effect plugin; meticulously crafted physical model of the human vocal tract; a full set of different parameters like vocal range, throat lengt and width, breathiness... Loe edasi

Antares Warm

77.45 € Antares Aspire Evo (ESD); valve simulation plugin; easy-to-use simulation of the sonic effects of recording audio through a high-quality analog tube preamplifier; Velvet or Crunch mode for subtile ... Loe edasi

Apogee FX Rack Bundle

487.00 € Apogee FX Rack Bundle (ESD); plugin bundle; four effects for mix and mastering applications: EQP-1A, Opto-3A, ModEQ 6 und ModComp; runs natively in a DAW without Apogee hardware and on Apogee hardw... Loe edasi

Apogee FX Rack EQP-1A

221.00 € Apogee FX Rack EQP-1A (ESD); equalizer plugin; precisely recreates the Pultec EQP-1A’s unique characteristics, developed in cooperation with Pulse Technologies; broad EQ curves, to gently but powe... Loe edasi

Apogee FX Rack ModComp

173.00 € Apogee FX Rack ModComp (ESD); compressor plugin; modern Compressor/Limiter with a straightforward user interface; 3 user selectable styles: Punch, Easy and Level; 2-band sidechain EQ; Auto Makeup f... Loe edasi

Apogee FX Rack ModEQ 6

173.00 € Apogee FX Rack ModEQ 6 (ESD); equalizer plugin; modern 6-band equalizer with a straightforward user interface; 2 peak/notch filter, 2 peak/shelf filter as well as low pass and a high pass filter; s... Loe edasi

Apogee FX Rack Opto-3A

120.00 € Apogee FX Rack Opto-3A (ESD); compressor plugin; precisely recreates the famous optical compressor / limiter; switchable extended Hf emphasis functionality; sidechain HP filter and parallel compres... Loe edasi

Applied Acoustics Systems Objeq Delay

152.00 € Applied Acoustics Systems Objeq Delay (ESD); filter delay plugin; effect for creative minds with physical modeling based resonator, filter and delay section; resonator with plate, beam, drumhead an... Loe edasi

Arturia 3 Filters You'll Actually Use

120.00 € Arturia 3 Filters You'll Actually Use (ESD); plugin bundle; models of 3 famous synthesizer filters based on TAE circuit modeling; Mini-Filter simulates the well known 24 dB/Oct. ladder filter; addi... Loe edasi

Arturia 3 Preamps You'll Actually Use

217.00 € Arturia 3 Preamps You'll Actually Use (ESD); plugin bundle; models of 3 famous preamps based on TAE circuit modeling; 1973-Pre is a virtual recreation of famed classic British preamp with 60 dB vir... Loe edasi

Audified DW Drum Enhancer

173.00 € Audified DW Drum Enhancer (ESD); drum processing plugin; complete signal chain for drum sound editing; developed in collaboration with DW; carefully prepared presets for fast results; drum type sel... Loe edasi

Audified MixChecker

90.76 € Audified MixChecker (ESD); plugin to simulate different listening situations; enables to check mixes on different simulated consumer devices; offers 12 different reference devices to choose from li... Loe edasi

Audified MixChecker Pro

158.00 € Audified MixChecker Pro (ESD); plugin to simulate different listening situations; enables to check mixes on different simulated consumer devices; offers more than 60 different reference devices to ... Loe edasi

Audified MultiDrive Pedal Pro

78.66 € Audified MultiDrive Pedal Pro (ESD); guitar effects plugin; contains meticulous simulations of 12 legendary stomp boxes: 808-Scream, 9-Scream, B-Drive, O-Drive, S-Drive, One-Distortion, BAT-Distort... Loe edasi

Audified RZ062 Equalizer

173.00 € Audified RZ062 Equalizer (ESD); equalizer plugin; exact models of Klangfilm RZ062 vintage EQ modules; contains the RZ062a and RZ062b modules with differences in controls and sound; precise valve ci... Loe edasi

Audified SpeakUp

131.00 € Audified SpeakUp (ESD); ducking plugin; user-friendly voice over tool; adjusting spectrum of music tracks to make speech clearly audible; time saving due to straightforward user controls; perfect f... Loe edasi

Audified STA Effects

120.00 € Audified STA Effects (ESD); plugin bundle; 6 effects with virtual Summing Tube Amplifier; contains STA Chorus, STA Flanger, STA Phaser, STA Delay, STA Enhancer and STA Preamp; offers 5 types of tru... Loe edasi

Audified Studio Bundle

371.00 € Audified Studio Bundle (ESD); plugin bundle; effects and tools for recording and mix; consists of MixChecker, U73b Compressor, U78 Saturator and TNT Voice Executor; supported formats: VST2 / VST3 /... Loe edasi

Audified TNT Voice Executor

66.55 € Audified TNT Voice Executor (ESD); channelstrip plugin; easy to use effect for instant optimization of voices and vocals; perfect for singer, podcaster, YouTuber, voice-over artist etc.; complete v... Loe edasi

Audified ToneSpot Bass Pro

108.00 € Audified ToneSpot Bass Pro (ESD); bass effects plugin; complete signal chain for editing the sound of a bass guitar; Character allows to choose between Vintage, Natural and Modern as well as switch... Loe edasi

Audified u73b Compressor

137.00 € Audified u73b Compressor (ESD); compressor / limiter plugin; faithful emulation of the legendary German broadcast compressor / limiter unit U73b; precise valve circuit model for authentic sound; th... Loe edasi

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