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accSone - crusher-X

accSone - crusher-X
Hind: 275.00  
Tootekood: 459530
Tarneaeg: Eeldatav saabumine 13.01 - 17.01.20
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accSone crusher-X (ESD); virtual granular effect; powerful s ound and effect tool for sounddesign, film soundtracks and c reative minds; real-time live granular synthesis engine that creates grains from live input signals or samples; modulate the Grain parameters Delay, Length, Birth, Speed, Sweep, Ov erdrive, Filter, X-Crush, Diffuse, Volume and Pan in real-ti me; supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) controllers li ke Roli Seaboard; Grain Controlled Oscillator System for Osc illator and Sample grain print-ins that can be mixed with th e live-input; DCO Sample player mode; Pitch Tracker and auto matic tuning system; supports up to 10 output channels for s urround applications; enables microtonal tunings with hundre ds of tuning scales which are playable by MIDI keyboard; up to 199 individual grain streams; grain lengths up to 60 sec onds; grain quantization to host; several granulation live b uffer and freeze modes allows to switch continiously from li ve processing to file processing; versatile and variable mod ulations; physical modeling faders and physical modeling X/Y controller; 3D grain visualization; around 330 free assigna ble real-time plug-in parameters and real-time MIDI control; morph system for parameters and patches; unlimited Undo / R edo; randomize functionalities; offline rendering; screenles s control, e.g. for blind / sight impaired musicians; around 160 preset patches to start with; scalable user interface; supported formats: VST2 / AU; system requirements: Win7 min ., Mac OSX 10.6 min., Multi Core CPU, internet connection

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