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Sugar Bytes Effectrix

137.00 € Sugar Bytes Effectrix (ESD); multi effect plugin; 14 effects controlled by 32 step sequencer; MIDI realtime control; two modulation sequencers control effect parameters; versatile looper contains t... Loe edasi

Sugar Bytes Looperator

137.00 € Sugar Bytes Looperator (ESD); slicing and effect plugin; cuts incoming signals into 16 slices for rearranging them; loop track for rhythmic stutter fx; evelope module controls bit crusher, sample r... Loe edasi

Sugar Bytes Thesys

115.00 € Sugar Bytes Thesys (ESD); MIDI step sequencer plugin; pitch sequencer contains 24 semitones and different scales; lock f unction allows to deactivate MIDI transpose per step; gate s equencer contro... Loe edasi

Sugar Bytes Turnado

137.00 € Sugar Bytes Turnado (ESD), multi effect plugin, contains 24 algorithms like looper, slicer, filter, granular tools, dist ortion, bitcrusher, reverb and delays, versatile modulations , eight macro c... Loe edasi

Sugar Bytes WOW2

115.00 € Sugar Bytes WOW2 (ESD), filter effect plugin, contains 21 ty pes of filters up to 48 dB/oct. incl. vocal mode, seven type s of distortion, various modulation sources like envelope fo llowers, lfo, ... Loe edasi

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