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Polyverse Music Comet

152.00 € Polyverse Music Comet (ESD); reverb plugin; reverb plugin; algorithmic reverb with a clearly arranged user interface and its own character; five interchangeable preset morphing slots; Glide control... Loe edasi

Polyverse Music Gatekeeper

53.24 € Polyverse Music Gatekeeper (ESD); gater plugin; precise and variable volume modulation; up to 8 independent volume envelopes; expressive envelope drawing tools; boost and clip features for extra pu... Loe edasi

Polyverse Music I wish

103.00 € Polyverse Music I wish (ESD); granular synthesizer plug-in; pitch freezer modulates pitch and formant MIDI controlled; real-time polyphonic wavetable synthesizer; pitch based micro-editing on the f... Loe edasi

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