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PSP Audioware 2445

152.00 € PSP Audioware 2445 (ESD), reverb plugin, emulation of the EMT 244/245, classical digital reverb with simple parameters but rich sound, Model 244/245 can be used alternatively or simultaniously, enh... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware 608 MultiDelay

152.00 € PSP Audioware 608 MultiDelay (ESD), delay plugin, eight taps containing a large set of parameters: delaytime, balance, stereowidth, level, filter, driver reverb, up tp 8 sec. delay time per tap adj... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware E27

152.00 € PSP Audioware E27 (ESD), equalizer and virtual preamp plugin, modelled Avedis Audio Electronics E27 and PA11, EQ with three bands, each one with nine switchable frequencies, low and high filters ca... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware L'otary2

103.00 € PSP Audioware L'otary2 (ESD), rotary plugin, based on the models 122 and 147, detailed editing parameters, enhancend functionality in comparison to the originals, supported formats: VST2/AU/AAXnati... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware Lexicon PSP 42

152.00 € PSP Audioware Lexicon PSP 42 (ESD), delay plugin, stereo delay and phrase sampler based on the Lexicon PCM 42, up to 9.6 s continuous controled delay time, lowpass filter, three modulation sources ... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware MasterQ2

152.00 € PSP Audioware MasterQ2 (ESD), mastering equalizer plugin, high quality five band EQ, hi- and low cut with variable slope in addition, limiter- / softclip section, 80-bit extended floating point com... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware N2O

152.00 € PSP Audioware N2O (ESD), multieffect plugin, semimodular effect contains four modules, various effects for example morphing resonant and formant filters, eq, delay, reverb, pitch-shifter, compresso... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware PSP InfiniStrip

158.00 € PSP Audioware PSP InfiniStrip (ESD); channel strip plugin; modular channelstrip with 7 virtual slots for modules and 2 insert slots; contains 22 processors in the categories preamps, filters, compr... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware PSP MasterComp

200.00 € PSP Audioware PSP MasterComp (ESD); plugin bundle; stereo dynamics processor suitable for mixing and mastering; wide range of controls dedicated for mastering purposes; advanced side chain filterin... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware PSP MixPack2

200.00 € PSP Audioware PSP MixPack2 (ESD); plugin bundle; 6 effects suitable for track editing, mixing and mastering; contains PSP MixBass2, PSP MixTreble2, PSP MixSaturator2, PSP MixPressor2, PSP MixGate2 ... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware SpringBox

103.00 € PSP Audioware SpringBox (ESD), reverb plugin, simulates classical spring reverb, number of springs selectable from two to six, two different channels with own settings, detailled edit features, sup... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware VintageWarmer2

152.00 € PSP Audioware VintageWarmer2 (ESD), multiband kompressor plugin, contains MicroWarmer, VintageWarmer und VintageWarmer2, single or multibandcompressor with PSP's FAT (Frequency Authentication Techn... Loe edasi

PSP Audioware Xenon

202.00 € PSP Audioware Xenon (ESD), limiter plugin, dual stage limiter, integrated leveller, advanced K-System metering, integrated dithering, supported formats: VST2/AU/AAXnative/RTAS, system requirements:... Loe edasi

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